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Christian Worldview in Comparsion with a Naturalist Worldview - Research Paper Example

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This paper tells that the Christian Worldview is based on a self-existent god and the natural worldview considers that nature is self-existent. This paper tells that one’s view of the world more likely is supposed to be influenced by the collective views and beliefs of the society…
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Christian Worldview in Comparsion with a Naturalist Worldview
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Extract of sample "Christian Worldview in Comparsion with a Naturalist Worldview"

Download file to see previous pages The present research has identified that the greatest thinker James W. Sire provides with a great insight into the Christian worldview. He says that any worldview is supposed to be based on several points such as the conception of reality, nature of the external world, a notion of human being, a notion of the afterlife, transcendence of the knowledge, sense of justice, and findings of human history. Most of the Christian scholars including Sire have attempted to classify the worldviews depending on the concept of god. According to them, the god-centric reality is the basis of theism and deism. But the naturalism defies any notion of God in the place. Indeed naturalism, to a great extent, is ambiguous because it either includes the natural power as the replacement of God or may depend on factual and empirical findings of science and theoretical assumption. The dichotomy between the Christian worldview and the natural worldview is that whereas the first considers as a self-existent being, the later considers nature as self-existent. There are diverse ways of classifying worldviews due to the overlapping areas. In his book, Sire elaborates on eight basic worldviews in separate chapters: “Christian theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, Eastern pantheistic monism, the New Age, and postmodernism”. Sire’s naturalism includes the worldviews such as atheism, and nihilism and existentialism. Indeed these philosophies attempt to apply the atheist view of the world to human life. Human history shows that rigid religiosity often is found to dominate the view of the world. More, frankly speaking, religious belief forms a major part of the people’s worldview. In such a religious worldview, man’s knowledge of the world especially evolves from God and man has no role other than the limited and restricted one to find evidence for supporting the religious worldview. Also a society may have a culture that contains a unique worldview that appears to be totally different from any religious worldview, as Eisenbarth and Treuren says in this regard, “A significant portion of one’s worldview is formed from the cultural narratives (stories) that are embedded in one’s learning and nurture environment”. But with the Enlightenment in Europe in the early 19th century, rationality begins to question and challenge the religious view of the world depending on the empirical and theoretical findings of science.     ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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