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Worldview - Essay Example

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Every individual in the world has a choice to believe what they want with regards to the existence of God. It is the belief of many that a Supreme Being does exist, and rules the destiny of every individual (Adams, 1993). …
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Download file to see previous pages... A worldview is the opinion that every individual holds toward the existence or purpose of something. In this case, the naturalist worldview is that there is no God that maintains or sustains all life in the universe. Theism is the belief that at least one god exists. However, the liberal view held by most is that it is not our task to prove that there is no God, rather; the task of a believer to prove that a god does exist. This paper will examine the naturalist worldview about the existence of God, and the impact such a view has on the lives of naturalists. The worldview on God is that He is a Supernatural Being that individuals and believers pray to in order to find a higher purpose with/in their lives. It is the naturalist’s view that there is no presence of such a Supernatural Being that sustains life in the universe. Naturalism brings forth the understanding that nature is the ultimate reality, and that no deity is involved in its maintenance. It is this view that brings focus to the thought that nothing, beyond nature itself, has any effect upon the world individuals dwell or exist. Some of the characteristics of God are that He tends to be jealous when individuals pay homage to anything apart from Him (Adams, 1993). This is evident in the texts that exist that describe Him as a jealous God. The Holy Book includes commandments that He gave to mankind so that they could live in harmony with Him, and fellow mankind (Adams, 1993). Another characteristic is that He is omnipresent. This means that He was there from the beginning, and will be there till the end. From a naturalist’s point of view, it may be next to impossible for the existence of life for such a long time. There is the beginning of life, but then, there is also the end of life. Human beings came about as a result of evolution. The beginning of mankind is a cause, and was as a result of a cause. It is the naturalist worldview that we are caused creatures, and that all factors involved give man the power and control over all that surrounds them. By comprehending the fact that mankind is materially based, it is only fair that this point of view connects man to the physical world, hence; enabling man to be at home in the physical state of the world (Adams, 1993). After death, there is the biological aspect of nature, which is summarized as decomposition. There are no souls that continue on after death because man is purely physical in nature. It is this worldview that mankind gives back to the physical state of the universe. It is considered nature’s way of sustaining existing life, and giving rise to new beings. The nature of the universe is self-sustenance. It is only through evolution, not supernatural or religious understanding, that the universe is brought together. This is under a common objective of sustaining all life on earth. Naturalism focuses the attention of mankind on what works, increasing an individual’s efficiency toward the natural environment. Mankind is, therefore; better placed to create social policies that aim at increasing the togetherness of the social, political, and environmental scene (Carrier, 2010). Through the creation of different factors, for example; compassion and empathy, the universe assists mankind to reduce the chances of self-righteousness, superiority with regards to morality, guilt, and ultimately shame. It is through these factors that individuals know what they know. Through the introduction and advancement in science, individuals are engaging in thoughts about the nature and characteristics of life. Just as Christian believers choose to believe the existence of a Supreme Being, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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