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Worldview - Essay Example

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The purpose of this paper is to comprehensively discuss an atheistic worldwide. The paper aims to analyze the aforementioned worldwide by outlining its assumptions and answering critical questions related to atheism as a philosophy of life and how it shapes ones perceptions, beliefs, attitudes and actions…
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Extract of sample "Worldview"

Download file to see previous pages According to Walters, a worldview can be defined as a manner through which an individual comprehends and makes sense of what is around him this means that one’s worldview essentially includes aspects such as reality, emotions, cognition as well as a person’s ability to give meaning to or interpret the happenings of the world (33). An atheistic worldview puts forward the concept of “naturalism” as its foundation; this notion postulates that the world we see around us is all there is (Walters 36). Therefore, atheism does not advocate the existence of any supernatural or mystical entities nor does it believe in any form of spiritualism. Baggini notes that the definition of atheism is exceptionally straightforward – it is a credence which says that there is no God (4). From this belief stem several ideas, according to which it is understood that there is in fact no life after death and consequently, no heaven or hell (Baggini 6). Therefore, when a human being dies that is the end of their life; atheism does not support the existence of spirits or mystical souls. The most important question that arises however is that, if there is no divine creator or Supreme Being, how would an atheist explain the nature of the universe? Dawkins argues that simply relying on the theory that the complexity of living organisms is an evidence of God is not enough. In fact, evolution by natural selection competently elucidates the complexity of all living creations which in turn defines the nature of the universe (Dawkins). Baggini observes that there exists a general perception which implies that since atheism negates the existence of God, consequently, an atheistic worldview might also challenge morality and not hold confidence in doing good and being good to others (5). However, that is not the case. While, atheism views the existence of a divine creator negatively, it does not advocate pessimism in other facets of life (Baggini 5). A sound and solid upbringing that is guided with and shaped by education develops and enhances an individual’s ability to reason, think and distinguish between right and wrong, thereby, instilling morals and ethics to abide by in life. Baggini argues that unlike an individual who follows religion, an atheist is frequently bombarded with questions such as; if there is no God then what is the meaning of life? While, it is believed that the religious do not have problems in defining the purpose of life (84). The meaning, point and purpose of life is to be happy, prosperous and satisfied throughout one’s existence, it is to live with no regrets or disappointments. In comparison with an atheistic worldview, a Christian worldview encompasses the incorporation and integration of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible into one’s life. According to Goheen and Bartholomew the religion of Christianity requires a believer to abide by a Christocentric belief system that comprehensively covers each and every aspect of a follower’s life (14). Therefore, a Christian worldview is centered around accepting the teachings of Jesus Christ, accomplishing salvation and acknowledging the nature of the universe as guided by the Old Testament’s outlook of creation (Goheen and Bartholomew 14). Several prominent writers on the concept of the Christian worldview have suggested that impartial and rational human reasoning which is not barred by any preconceived notions or ideas is most likely to side with Christian ideologies (Goheen and Bartholomew 16) rather than supporting any contradictory beliefs. However, commentators who believe in this idea have failed to present scientific evidence and logical arguments to support their ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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