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Worldview - Essay Example

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I am a Baptist Christian by belief. I would consider it to be one of the most diverse religious beliefs; the fact that there are many Baptists churches across the world that do not follow one central authority, or that there are varying beliefs that we hold while holding on to the collective Baptist religion clearly proves the diversity and the acceptance thereof…
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Download file to see previous pages... To be a Baptist, to me, means that a person can be “different” from the others yet still be part of the same collective. This is a beautiful and inclusive message, and that is why I would describe my worldview as diverse and inclusive. The core beliefs of Baptism include that there is only one God, who manifests Himself in three persons: the Father (God in Heaven), the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. Moreover, there is belief in the birth of Jesus Christ from a virgin mother, Mary. Jesus Christ performed many miracles during his lifetime, including raising the dead, and then died, was buried, and finally resurrected. Also, we believe that human beings are in need of salvation, without which they are doomed; this salvation is provided to us by the very death, burial and resurrection of Christ. It is the grace of God, due to which He has given us humans the unearned favor of eternal salvation by sending his Son to earth and dying on a cross for our sins. Baptists also believe that the world will end, and Jesus would return to us and the dead will be raised and everyone be judged by Him. Finally, we believe that the Message of God needs to be spread throughout the world, so that more people can be brought within the fold and experience the Grace of God. I know that my beliefs are true, because the Bible speaks out to me. I have personally experienced the grace and miracles of Jesus Christ in my life. When a very close cousin of mine was diagnosed with cancer, and it was clear that the cancer had spread throughout her body, the doctors told her that there was no treatment available for her, and the best all of us could do was to keep her comfortable at home. I turned to Jesus Christ in my time of need and He spoke out to me and answered my prayers through a miracle: my cousin not only survived, but her cancer is in complete remission. My worldview is accurate because it is clear by looking around that God exists, also, He is just and kind and it was told in the Bible many years ago. What is more, the Bible is a direct account of what God wanted people to do, and its message is still true today. Even after 2,000 years, we can still derive our morality from the Bible and that is clear proof of its Divine Origins. It is very clear when one observes these facts that my worldview is accurate and believable. Part 2 Just like Baptists, Catholics are a denomination of Christians who believe in the unity of the God and the Holy Trinity. There are many more similarities between the two groups. The Catholics also believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. Like the Baptists, the Catholics believe in the miracles of Jesus Christ, including healing the leper and raising Lazarus; his crucifixion and subsequent death; his burial; and his resurrection after three days. Moreover, they also believe in the infinite Mercy and Grace of God, which God showed by sending his only son to die for humans for their salvation. There are many similarities in the ethics of the two groups as well; there is an emphasis on moral uprightness in both the groups, but, both believe, that there is no salvation for us except through Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us. There are, however, many differences between the two, I will mention two big differences here. Firstly, there is no central authority for Baptists. Unlike the Catholics who have the papacy, whereby a group of priests elect a Pope, the Bishop of Rome, who is the considered to be a successor of Saint Peter, the Baptists do not have a central authority that ensures that beliefs are kept identical throughout the various Churches of the denomination. For Catholics, the pope gets to decide the policies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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