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This essay analyzes that the worldview of each person is comprised of a wide range of beliefs and perceptions of reality; in other words, it is a unique fruit of our individual perceptions absorbing a unique set of opinions about the world: the beliefs about nature, religion, the meaning of life etc…
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Worldview The worldview of each person is comprised by a wide range of beliefs and perceptions of reality; in other words, it is a unique fruit of our individual perceptions absorbing a unique set of opinions about the world: the beliefs about nature, religion, meaning of life, other people and one’s place in this world are so different and merge in different combinations. The worldview is a reflection of one’s unique self.
My worldview can be generally characterized by one short quote. William Thackeray wrote in his Vanity Fair: “The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face. Frown at it, and it will in turn look sourly upon you; laugh at it and with it, and it is a jolly kind companion”. I view the reality and life as a reflection of our own attitudes and deeds. The person should line his/her way with the bricks of actions and thoughts and should do it with positive attitude and diligence. Human life is transient and we have the limited time in this world; thus, we should use it profitably and decently. Thereby, we should treat others like we want them to treat ourselves. Moreover, I believe that a person should try to make his/her own life as worthy and colorful as possibly – with help of education, self-actualization, art, helping others and encouraging the changes he/she wants to see in the society in his/her inner self. By this, I mean perceiving reality as my reflection and being able to influence it. We, the people, are given intelligence, ability to feel and creativity not to waste it but to use it gratefully.
The main factors that shaped my world outlook during my growing up and development as a personality were my parents and the article about godless morality I once came across. Firstly, I am lucky enough to have the kind of parents that contributed much to my positive attitude towards reality and development of “active” approach. They achieved everything they had by themselves and encourages me not to be passive observer of my own life, but to engage in active participation. On the other hand, the concept of godless morality affected much my views of religion and virtue. I am not very fond on any of religions, yet I truly believe that a person can be virtuous independent of the religious aspect. Even more, I think that a person being ‘godlessly’ virtuous is even stronger and worthier, for religious motivation to be good and the promise of reward naturally disappear. Therefore, I do my best to be a decent person and comply with my moral principles regardless of religious affiliations.
As the worldview is like a puzzle consisting of positions towards numerous aspects of life, I can say that my positive worldview is directly related to the way I treat others and the way I perceive myself and my role in this society. I would say that this active position is reciprocally connected with godless morality principles I hold, for I try to be a good person in an active way, without passively waiting an opportunity to show my attitude, but seeking to help those who are in need – people or animals, trying to be honest etc. At the same time, in both social and political sense, I am sure that one should not wait for all the goods, comfort and benefits simply to pop up from nowhere, we are created intelligent, talented and strong to fight for them, to deserve them, to become worth them.
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Thackeray, William Makepeace. Vanity Fair. Penguin Classics, 2003. Read More
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