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I have noticed that you focus on the biggest wins arguing that Lebanon was the biggest winner in the war. However, most of the references cited by the student are entirely based on unrelated facts as part of the stories…
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Student Response
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RESPONSE Response Post I have noticed that you focus on the biggest wins arguing that Lebanon was the biggest winner in the war. However, most of the references cited by the student are entirely based on unrelated facts as part of the stories. Instead of showing the readers how Lebanon was a winner, you focus entirely on telling the reader how PLO moved across Africa. Despite the fact that you still show how Lebanon benefited from the program, the posting shows that most of the author’s references were based on explaining the series of events between Israel, Lebanon, and Palestine1. The posting indicates that Israel was the key cause of the conflict between these nations. I agree that the Shi’ite and anti-Israeli movement was created in response to Israel failing to execute its intended purpose, which was to free Lebanon2. I believe that after successfully freeing Lebanon and having the conflict terminated, Israel went further to indicate a reluctance in vacating the country. It led to an uproar from the public. This piece is exceptional in its narration despite the fact that it ignored some of the key elements of the paper. Similarly, I believe that Lebanon was the greatest beneficiary.
Response Post 2
I agree that the greatest loser of the war is the Israelites. One of the key evidences the student presents is the fact that Israel would have avoided engaging in the conflict altogether, as this led to twenty plus years of deployment of Israel soldiers and resources, which must have cost the government a bundle. In the paper the student argues " … quick, compelling success is not how it played out. I believe that Israel spent over twenty years dealing with Lebanon." Arguably, you have also cited Hezbollah as the greatest beneficiary, giving similar reasons as those cited in the paragraph above. The fact that Lebanon was freed, the country was able to send Israel out of the country. I agree with both choices for the greatest beneficiaries and the greatest losers.
Zisser, Eyal. 2006. “Hizballah and Israel: Strategic Threat on the Northern Border.” Israel
Affairs 12.1:86-106. Read More
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