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Recovery involves provision of support to restore, repair and reconstruct the social well being of the community, economic renewal, and to rehabilitate the environment. I agree that all the strategies named above are important in a disaster recovery plan. Considering the…
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Response 2 Recovery involves provision of support to restore, repair and reconstruct the social well being of the community, economic renewal, and to rehabilitate the environment. I agree that all the strategies named above are important in a disaster recovery plan. Considering the disaster in consideration makes one strategy the major focus of recovery operations, but in most cases a disaster cannot be effectively remediated without touching on the other affected areas (Noosa Council, 2014). For example in the hurricane Katrina as given, there were damages to the environment, the economy, infrastructure and the social well being. All the strategies needed to be applied, and mostly the locals need to be involved in the strategy plan.
Often, people do not see a difference between plan and planning. In my opinion, plan reflects rigidity and planning reflects adaptability and flexibility. This means that planning involves actively discussing the objectives, goals, tasks and strategies needed to accomplish a mission while plan are mere documentations of these discussions. Plans need to be updated on a regular basis because situations change regularly. However, planning is a continued process that assists in achieving goals and keeping on track. Plans are like blue prints to help in success, however planning does not guarantee success yet it is totally necessary to institute the various plans (Canton, 2007).
The most common disaster in the United States is flooding. Flooding ranks the highest in property damage. Even though the government does not use potential disasters as a breeding ground for capitalization, disasters are a great opportunity for fraud and corruption both in the private and government sectors. There is urgency in need for service provision during disaster or even the planning. This urgent demand to return the life of a city leads to disregard in quality controls. It might seem unfair for the government to install a flood insurance strategy for non participating communities, but sometimes flooding may occur in unusual locations too, for example the flooding in Colorado in 2013.
I agree with the Director of Emergency Management on “a quick response being a well planned response” (Canton, 2007, p. 262).This is because some of the destructions that occur in a disaster maybe unexpected and the plans may not have catered for them. The aim of disaster management is to restore life first. A quick response therefore reestablishes security, safety, and critical services, which could take longer if a thought out plan is implemented. This does not rule out plans completely, they have to be implemented after the quick restoration of life.
Canton, L. G. (2007). Emergency management: Concepts and strategies for effective programs. New Jersey: John Wiley.
Noosa Council. (2014). Sunshine coast and Noosa local disaster management plan 2014. Retrieved from Noosa Council: Read More
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