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Best Uses of Internet in Teaching and Learning - Assignment Example

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This assignment "Best Uses of Internet in Teaching and Learning" states that the advent of computers and the internet has altered the mechanics of Teaching and Learning from that of a traditional medium of communication with oral rendition and aural reception between the teacher and student…
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Best Uses of Internet in Teaching and Learning
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Extract of sample "Best Uses of Internet in Teaching and Learning"

The advent of computers and the internet in the 21st century has totally altered the mechanics of Teaching and Learning from that of a traditional medium of communication with oral rendition and aural reception between the teacher and student, more often in each other’s physical presence, with several alternate options to make the processes of teaching and learning more meaningful and interesting activities. Listed below are the ten best uses of the internet in the context of the teacher and the taught:
1. The ability to access quality education from the comfort of one’s home being now possible with online learning on the internet, the utopian concept of the physical need of sitting in a classroom to learn is no longer mandatory. With barriers of distance and financial status demolished, learning has to become feasible through sites, including access to pertinent information of specific interest and curriculum needs.
2. Unlike the drab static notice boards of yore, school websites allow creating and sharing of information regarding school calendar, lesson plans, rubrics, course-specific particulars, teacher and administration contacts in attractive and novel ways.
3. Online worksheets have obviated the need for the purchase of expensive workbooks and substitute them by free storage space; some of the reasonably priced member web sites.
4. Blending gaming constituents within educational materials has made it possible for students to be better engaged through educational games and social networking in web sites while social networking web sites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc. allow the user to establish instant, need-based personal and professional connections, Groups within the Yahoo, MSN Live, Skype, and Google networks permit individuals, classrooms and organizations to meet and collaborate on topics of mutual interest with the options for public or private access through web conferences and webinars.
5. File sharing feature available in Google, MSN Live, etc. permits online, multiple-user viewing and editing of documents, spreadsheets, forms, drawings, and presentations, etc. without the time-consuming need for student response and feedback by email.
6. Blogs provide teachers and students with creative inputs on educational topics and useful links to related sites are often found in them.
7. With web sites, one can keep abreast of current events and be up to date.
8. The Search Engine handles search for any kind of specific information by the insertion of ‘keywords’ for carrying out specific assignments.
9. Interactive educational websites that promote student-specific styles of hands-on learning.
10. Students with an aptitude for research can find excellent resources to discover and explore topics of their interest in sites for electronic data sourcing.
Internet is ensuring a wider international reach, apart from facilitating a stronger dynamic bond for mutual benefit within the educational fraternity for improving curriculum standards and teaching strategies, and permitting real-time, instant global communication and networking between the teacher and students for information sharing and improving overall performances of both. Read More
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(Best Uses of Internet in Teaching and Learning Assignment)
Best Uses of Internet in Teaching and Learning Assignment.
“Best Uses of Internet in Teaching and Learning Assignment”, n.d.
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The topic of "Best Uses of Internet in Teaching and Learning" is quite popular among the tasks in high school. Still, this paper opens a new perspective of seeing the question. I’ll use the style for my own paper.

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