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An author of the essay "The New Era after World War II" claims that the states still rather conflict than cooperate on their interests with each other. In this context, the fact that Cold War appeared immediately after World War II is illustrative. …
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The New Era after World War II
In the new era after World War II, most of previous theories needed a revision under the appeared challenges. In this context, Cold War served as an examination of realism. In fact, the Churchill’s realistic speech showed that this approach is still able to comprehend the rapidly changing world; here, the state of nature and the ground for balance of powers did not change.
On the one hand, the states still rather conflict than cooperate on their interests with each other. In this context, the fact that Cold War appeared immediately after World War II is illustrative. Actually, both winners managed to contradict on the recent victorious battle on Elbe by showing it from different perspectives and letting “coalition go to sunder”. Consequently, idealistic belief in international cooperation disappeared with the start of Cold War.
On another hand, Churchill’s speech showed that all the actors in international relations seek for alliances. In fact, the spirit of this speech was to convince American public that Soviet influence in Europe endangered the positions of both Britain and USA. In the given circumstances, Western countries should unite to resist. As a result, the rapid appearance of caricatures and public discussions let Soviet people say, “the old war is over, now the war with communism begins.”
In order to sum up, it is evident that two World Wars did not teach the world to cooperate and prevent future conflicts. In this context, the very appearance of Cold War illustrates that rather realists than idealists were right on the nature and the balance of powers in international relations. Read More
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The New Era After World War II Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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