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Imaginative statements on war were also issued by the top leaders and partners in the war. “It is better to have the world united, than the word divided; but it is better to have…
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Best war ever
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New and innovative technologies were used in World War II, thus making it a battle of technology. Imaginative statements on war were also issued by the top leaders and partners in the war. “It is better to have the world united, than the word divided; but it is better to have the world divided, than the world destroyed,” said Mr. Winston Churchill. Adolph Hitler, who till the other day believed only in military power said on the eve of his death, “Brutal force has not won anything durable.” The pages of human history daubed in bloodsheds related to wars, fighting in the name of religion, race, color and territorial aggrandizement, ask the crying question. How to make this Planet Earth heaven-like? The answer is simple and straightforward. Eyes full of understanding, hearts full of love and the life that refuses conflicts-enough, these alone are enough! But when the war is declared, the objective of the country involved in the war, is to win the war, no matter how it wins! The advanced technology was brutally used in World War II, and it served very well, the ultimate purpose of any war—to win the war, to end the war and to secure peace!
(1) What was the intended use of this technology, and how well did it serve that purpose?
The main objective of the war-related technology is to win the war with minimum casualties. Technologically, America was superior on all counts than its enemies in war. It helped to contain and defeat its foremost enemy, Japan. To start with, “Japan’s naval technology and fighting methods, innovative in the beginning-stages of the war, quickly lagged behind the Allies. Japan lost naval air-battles because its ships and planes did not have the radar.”(Adams, p.62)
Air-power dominated during II World War. There was not much difference in their roles like reconnaissance, bombers, fighters and ground-support though each area was technologically far advanced. Some additional roles were seen for the aircrafts in WW II. Airlift the fighting forces and move quickly high-priority supplies, strategic bombing, targeted bombing of the civilian areas to hamper enemy industrial production and inflict casualties to destroy the morale.
(2) What were the intended and unintended harms caused by this technology? Did these harms undermine its ability to achieve its purpose?
At the beginning of the war aeronautical warfare played limited role and little success was achieved. But actions at Pearl Harbor, the South China Sea, Taranto, and the Coral Sea changed the complexion of the war. America had the decided advantage in technology. “For many, including a majority of survivors from the era, the war years have become America’s golden age, a peak in the life of society when everything worked out and the good guys definitely got a happy ending. It was a great war. For Americans it was the best war ever.”(Adams, p.2) The shortcoming in the application of technologies is ignored, once the main purpose of the war is achieved-to win the war! Some time, inferior technology can win the war by superior planning and tactics.
(3) Could the technology have been modified at the time to minimize the unintended harms? How? If not, why not?
After the World War I, most of the nations with war involvement and experience were engaged in improving the technology of war. As the technology advanced, it gave more confidence to the political leadership and the Generals, as for their winning capability. “It may even have helped to provoke war. World War II was in many ways a battle of technology, as combatants struggled to produce more and better weapons.” (Adams, p.2) Once the war beings, that is not the right time for modifications of the war machine, unless the Generals expect it to be a prolonged war. Harmful effects are the natural outcome of wars. Unintended harms are rare and there is no foolproof method to stop the unintended harm completely. Even now, we often hear about mistaken bombings, and the soldiers firing at their own soldiers. Excellent system of reconnaissance, area maps, and intelligence inputs can help to minimize the unintended harm.
(4) Do you have any ideas about why it was not modified if it could have been?
Adams writes, "In creating a usable past, we seek formulas to apply in solving todays problems. Americans believe that WWII proved one rule above all is usually better to fight than to talk." (Adams, p.4) "To make WWII into the best war ever, we must leave out the area bombings and other questionable aspects while exaggerating the good things. The war myth is distorted not so much in what it says as in what it doesnt say." (Adams, p.7) This applies not only to the war itself, but also to the home front. Modifications in weaponry and technology are not the easy options. Whose decision and what decision could have prevented the war from happening? Nothing could have been done differently, once the process of war began and the tempo of operations increased. Answers had to be found quickly for each new development in the fronts. Technology increased the speed and intensity of the brutality.
It is futile to expect benevolence from technology at the time of war. Not the technology, but the soldiers and generals behind the applications of technologies decide the course of war for better or worse. In World War II, “technology dictated the tempo of war and its ultimate results. Equally significant, military doctrine and tactics caught up with technological change. Word War II was fought with improved versions of older weapons…” (Hacker et.el, p.97) Better aircrafts made the major difference in this war.
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