The New Deal and Opportunities in the World Wars - Assignment Example

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This paper will begin with the statement that for many, the New Deal was merely an extension and an end to progressivism. In the beginning, the New Deal seemed to pick up where progressivism left off and built upon the Hoover program for fighting the depression…
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The New Deal and Opportunities in the World Wars
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Download file to see previous pages As the paper outlines, the New Deal’s biggest achievement was restoring faith in American democracy in a time when there was very little if any, faith when people thought that they could only turn to communism or fascism. The greatest failure of the New Deal was its inability to bring full recovery to the economy. The New Deal set out to finish the work of progressivism but succeeded in more than it had been planned to. It would not be considered an actual revival, but something even greater than what it had been before. Many accomplishments brought on by the New Deal owed much to the Progressive movement. Even so, progressivism also brought along many major events and changes by itself, without the need of the New Deal. The New Deal merely finished the work of progressivism and made a few changes of its own, such as the unfair civil welfare practices that the progressive era brought being noticed and eliminated. Without progressivism, the New Deal would have never come into existence. While separate, they are each a branch of the other. The changes that took place during the progressive era and the New Deal, when compared to the events and changes that took place in the 1920s, only set up a foundation for what was to take place during the 1920s. Historians refer to progressivism as an influential social movement that started in the later 1800s and came to an end with the United States entering into the first World War. Progressivism succeeded in many things; some of these things concerned state and national income tax, minimum wage laws, increased business regulation, and the creation of the Federal Reserve System. One of the biggest successions of progressivism was the passing of antitrust laws, broke up numerous trusts and set things in the right direction for future prosperity. This was passed because huge businesses were heightening up their prices and monopolizing the economy. With these laws passed, the economy was able to be at a more average and solid rate. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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