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To what extent has Global Civil Society impacted on the behaviour of states in post-Cold War era - Essay Example

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Global Civil Society [Author] [Institution] Table of contents 1. Introduction 2. Post-Cold War era 3. Globalization and its affects 4. The Global Civil Society and the upheaval in the Post-Cold War era 5. Conclusion Introduction: Over the years, there are many things that have changed…
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To what extent has Global Civil Society impacted on the behaviour of states in post-Cold War era
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"To what extent has Global Civil Society impacted on the behaviour of states in post-Cold War era"

Download file to see previous pages Globalization has been an important issue ever since the Cold War ended. The countries and their international relations have been modified because of globalization. The world has become a global civil society where limitations are not territorial. Historically, a civil society was limited to territories or nations. But in the post-cold war era, there have been many events which led to the beginning of the global civil society. This paper will assess the history of the global civil society and state sovereignty. Many things and systems have changed in the world ever since the Cold War ended and the globalization emerged. These systems have a great impact on the political and economic framework of the society. This paper will outline the current position of the global society and the era that we are living in, what has been the effect of the Cold War, and how far has globalization affected the behavior of the states in the post-cold war era. The Post-Cold War Era: The post-cold war era is marked as the period in history when the Soviet Union was lapsed. Globalization has been an important aspect of this era due to the commercialization of internet and growth of mobiles. Cultural relativism and postmodernism has replaced the modernism ideology. The post-cold war era is still existing in the present and by far United States has emerged as the most powerful nation, and Chine emerged as a growing superpower from a third world weak country. This era has also marked the emergence of Europe as a powerful economy. Another main concern of this era is environmentalism and global warming as observed recycling has also become common in many places (Tickner, 2013, p. 36). Globalization and its affects: Globalization exists greatly in today’s world and no matter it is good or bad; it is going to have long term effects in the world. Globalization is the attempt made to remove all barriers for international trade. Globalization has existed in the world since a long time and it aims to eliminate the barriers of communication, trade and cultural exchange. Globalization comes with the theory of worldwide openness and promoting the wealth of all countries forming a Global Civil Society. The United States had started to pay attention to globalization in 1993 during the post cold war era. The United States had been greatly isolated until the World War II which had changed the American feelings. Franklin D. Roosevelt was an internationalist who saw that a similar institute like League of Nations would prevent a third world war. The creation of the United Nations was confirmed after the war of three leaders; Britain’s Winston Churchill, FDR, and Soviet Union’s Josef Stalin. United Nations started with 51 members in 1945, and today there are about 193. The headquarters are in New York and they focus on international laws, human rights, dispute resolution, and recognition of new nations (Hoffman, 1998, p. 223). The Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States divided the world in two parts, the allies of the U.S.S.R. or of the U.S. The United States had promoted trade and culture exchange by their influence on other nations, and also offered them foreign aid. This kept many nations in the sphere of the U.S. and clear alternatives were offered for the Communist system. Moreover, U.S. carried out free trade with all its allies during the War. When the Soviet Union finally collapsed in 1991, free trade continued to be promoted by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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