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What effect did World War II have on the nation's industries, and how did the war revolutionize the U.S. economy both immediately and in the long term - Essay Example

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too suffering its own loss in Pearl Harbor. But, the nation emerged as an economic superpower only after the war. The three major factors which influenced the U.S. economy immediately after the war were…
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What effect did World War II have on the nations industries, and how did the war revolutionize the U.S. economy both immediately and in the long term
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"What effect did World War II have on the nation's industries, and how did the war revolutionize the U.S. economy both immediately and in the long term"

Download file to see previous pages Women came out to work in masses. Nearly 19 million women were employed in various jobs in 1944. Most of the money the women earned went to savings, improving the economy of the country preposterously.1
When the soldiers started to return home after the war, the families were eager to spend on happy reunions. Also thousands of men returning from the battlefields needed employment. This led to massive increase in the consumer products market.i There were just 8 shopping malls in the U.S. by the end of the war, which increased to over 3500 by 1960. The Eisenhower era2 which prevented another catastrophic atomic war boosted the growth of several industries which transformed into huge corporate companies in the later part of the century.ii
The rapid emergence of the equality in rights propaganda in the post war period, led to the framing of Civil Rights Act of 1964, the most revolutionary legislative piece in the U.S history. It eliminated all racial, ethnic and gender based discrimination in the working area, making the country a haven for labor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(“What effect did World War II have on the nation's industries, and how Essay”, n.d.)
What effect did World War II have on the nation's industries, and how Essay. Retrieved from
(What Effect Did World War II Have on the nation'S Industries, and How Essay)
What Effect Did World War II Have on the nation'S Industries, and How Essay.
“What Effect Did World War II Have on the nation'S Industries, and How Essay”, n.d.
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