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Was World War Two a Good War - Essay Example

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Political world to date utilizes combat to resolve differences and bring peace. However, this intention to some influential icons whose ambitions politically is to maintain power and humiliate fellow regions does not have any significant implication meant for good…
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Was World War Two a Good War
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Was World War Two a Good War

Download file to see previous pages... This is evident with the commencement of WWII, which historically despite cited as a “good war” in terms of ending repressive regimes, is far from it due to then its associated mass extermination of human life and crippling of allies’ economies. Contrary to numerous scholars’ works not citing detrimental effects of the war, it yielded to immense loss of lives to both civilians and those who engaged autocratic or “evil forces” as commonly preferred. As Mooney states, “roughly 6 million Jews and approximately 4 million others were murdered in the “Holocaust” (Mooney, 110).” Hence, revealing the utter retaliations of autocratic forces after realizing their victims of the day had support from external world, which was ready for engagements. However, numerous history scholars despite noticing this utter humiliation tend to incline towards adopting political perspective while ignoring scars the war left in people’s hearts. Most of the retaliations made by the then “evil forces/powers” of the day encompassed unleashing terror on those who could not defend themselves. The core reason was to irritate other global blocs who through their actions of inducing peace seemed to defend victims despite most of them being not their citizens. However, these efforts by sympathizing blocs instead of bringing relieve to the suffering continued to worsen while trying to eliminate totalitarian regimes. According to Mooney’s sentiments, “100,000 more eventually died from burns and radiation sickness… On 9 August a second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, killing 80,000 more Japanese (Mooney, 119).” This was more than what opposing peaceful blocs together with their allies of the then campaigned while in the quest of inducing peace and saving life. It is irrefutable WWII despite attributed with overthrowing and containing the then tyrannical powers, it yielded to the destruction and stagnation of numerous global economies. This is in terms of numerous resources that went into supporting the military forces against their autocratic enemies, which was not an easy task. According to Ernie, “For a mile out from the beach there were scores of tanks and trucks and boats that you could no longer see, for they were at the bottom of the water - swamped by overloading, or hit by shells, or sunk by mines (Ernie, “The Horrible Waste of War”).” This was one of the numerous destructions evidenced on both sides as each pioneering state solicited monetary and weaponry support from respective allies. Hence, rendering the war as the most expensive the world has ever had, which somehow crippled entire global economy. It also led to the disruption of family structure whose effect is still evident to date. The female gender ended up assuming male’s occupations where they worked in industries to support the then ongoing combat. During then, almost all men comprising the energetic gap ganged together compelled by their respective states to wage war against tyrannical powers. This is evident in Sauer’s confession citing, “I worked seven days a week” (Sauer, “The War Changed My Life Completely”). Hence, revealing utter situation she had to undergo due to the lack of labor force in industrial firms where ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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