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[Essential question]: Was World War Two a good war Why or why not - Essay Example

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The Second World War was the greatest military conflict in the conflict in history and also the most important in America as not only did it bring an end to fascism and revival of American economy amidst the Great Depression but also elevated America as the world power ahead…
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[Essential question]: Was World War Two a good war Why or why not
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[Essential question]: Was World War Two a good war Why or why not

Download file to see previous pages... All that said, the question that we need to answer is; was WWII a good war? In this essay, I will argue that despite the good things brought about by WWII, it was not a good war as it resulted in the highest number of causalities in world history and also tremendous changes in people’s lives as some lost lives, others were displaced and the economies of countries destroyed forever due to bombings.
To begin with, the war was portrayed by Winston Churchill the Premier of Great Britain and Franklin D Roosevelt the president of U.S as a war against fascism rather than an imperialistic war. The war aims were outlined in the Atlantic Charter released when they met in Newfound land in August 1941. As such, the German Nazis and Japanese imperialists as well as Italian fascists were viewed as evil while Britain, France and America viewed themselves as good since they wanted to rid the world of tyrannical and fascist leaders like Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini of Italy. WWII was thus a war of good against evil. But was this the case? First, Britain and America sought to include Joseph Stalin of Russia in the fight against Germany yet he was the worst dictator himself compared to Hitler. Though America was a neutral nation, it offered lend-lease to Britain and Russia to fight against the Nazis. Before the, America had passed the neutrality Acts banning shipment of arms and munitions to any nation during war in 1935and also prohibiting loans to belligerents in 1936 (151). Despite the President Roosevelt claiming that the war was an arsenal for democracy, he helped Stalin fight against the Nazis though Russia was a communist nation. If somebody was fighting to eliminate communism, that was Hitler as his aim was to suppress communists (opposition) in Germany alongside defying the nations that defeated it in WWI (p. 149). Secondly, the main reason why America engaged Japan in a war in Asia was not to ensure democracy but an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Was World War Two a Good War
Hence, prompt to waging of intense retaliations not only by those affected but also from allies of the humiliated whereby the latter their core intention is to induce order as well as bringing to end bad political ideals. This is because applications of these ideals in the world or regions dominated by influential persons in question only lead to immense human suffering and detrimental effects on the affected states’ economies.
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Representation of war in media
While the media prides itself of being the watchdog of human society, much of its purported objectivity, factuality and truth-speaking fades away in times of conflict especially if they are located in states-at-war or in geographical or cultural proximity of the conflicting states.
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Stalins Leadership in World War II
During only three decades from 1922 until Stalin's death in 1953 the regime now widely known as Stalinism had murdered and imprisoned millions of innocent people. However, during Stalin's reign, the USSR dramatically improved its industrial potential that was almost non-existent when Stalin came to power in the early 1920s; the country also played the key role in the defeat of Hitler in World War II (1939-1945); and finally, Stalin managed to turn his country ruined by the war into one of the two most powerful global players in only several years.
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Second Balkan War
The knowledge thus gained can be used as plank in avoiding future mistakes. Conflicts seem to be inevitable part of human predicament and it may be a pipe dream to think that there will not be any conflict between different peoples. However, it is possible to circumvent the triggers that launch the hazardous conflicts and mitigate the suffering of humanity.
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Psychological Route to War
A task which can lead to either, greater national relations, or insurmountable chaos for all involved in the conflict. "A good foreign policy is not only hard to choose, it is difficult to settle. Statesmanship was required to decide whether the United States should help Hungary when the Soviets attacked it (we did not), Tibet when China occupied it (we did not), Rwanda when a civil war killed thousands (we did not), Kosovo and Bosnia in the Balkans when they erupted in chaos (we did), Haiti when a new president could not take office (we did), Iraq when it invaded Kuwait (we did), or Iraq when it refused to obey United Nations resolutions (we did)," (Wilson p.347).
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Malta in World War II
The existence of a number of choices for Italy ahead of actual signing of the Pact of Steel in 1939 impacted directly the lack of preparation of the two Axis Powers for joint organization of the war. Broad, conventional relationships do existed between Great Britain and Italy as a result of their alliance in the First World War.
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Poetry of the World War I
The poems arising out of this world war era are significant in that World War I symbolized a time of trial and tribulation and of great suffering for mankind. It was a time when an entire gamut of feelings of loss, destruction, heroism and nobility had to be compressed into the form of verse.
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The Effect of World War Two on the Status of British Women
The world has witnessed the emergence of their strengths and vulnerabilities at a critical time when survival was desperately the only motivation to go on. A study of this is vital to understand how women coped and adapted their lives to juggle a work and home life without their husbands. Birth control and educational family planning clinics became available.
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World War Two/ Focus on Europe
Apart from the loss of hundreds of millions of lives, many new countries emerged after the war and Cold War started between the communist and capitalist blocks. Simply put, the war created a new world, a world that was entirely different from the one before
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Ukraine in the World War Two
The key point of the paper is the political situation of Ukraine at the world stage after the WW I, the establishment of Ukrainian nationalism and their attempt to make Ukraine independent. The essay also outlines the situation in the Western part of Ukraine at the beginning of the WW II and its effect on the Ukrainians.
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