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Learning how to learn - Essay Example

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This means that my preferable from of communication is the use of verbal engagement rather than the reading of books and other materials. It also involves giving presentations and reading them aloud to others to internalize…
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Learning how to learn
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Extract of sample "Learning how to learn"

Personally, I prefer auditory learner methods. This means that my preferable from of communication is the use of verbal engagement rather than the reading of books and other materials. It also involves giving presentations and reading them aloud to others to internalize concepts. To facilitate this mode of learning, it is my belief that concepts should not just be read but that the learner should talk through the whole process. According to Jensen (65), such an approach to learning increases the chances that students will internalize their coursework. There are several strategies used to enhance the effectiveness of this form of study.
When tasked with an assignment, the best way to tackle it is to identify a second party and share with them ideas regarding a particular task (Tucker and Singleton, 72). This approach to earning develops a strong mind and based on the creativity; I will be in a capacity to write a brief outline of how I will answer any forthcoming questions. From the response of my partner, I will be able to identify the proper structure of my ideas and organize them into a flowing document. As an auditory learner, this opportunity should be taken to discuss the subject matter or the documents that I am reading with other individuals (Walling, 103). Such an interactive process opens up arguments that lead to in depth analysis of the matter.
At times, as a learner it is important to read certain educational material. The best way to internalize such material is to read out aloud the various topics on which I am focusing (Simon, 29). By reading aloud, it is easier to identify confusing sentences, common grammar mistakes and any other editing mistakes that may have been difficult to notice. During class sessions, lectures can be recorder for more in-depth understanding later on when at home. Instead of buying hard copy books, it would be better to get audio books and to note down the important ideas covered in a text.
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Learning How to Learn Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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