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All Students Can Learn - Essay Example

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Classroom management is a demanding task to accomplish, which requires teachers to create an environment that encourages learning, creates and maintains an optimistic, dynamic classroom atmosphere favorable to learning. In order to achieve this task, teachers must take into consideration class size, amount of students, and family life in order to produce effective classroom management techniques.
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All Students Can Learn
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Extract of sample "All Students Can Learn"

Download file to see previous pages Building relationships is a key aspect of effective learning, as Burns (2000) considers that learning might not manifest itself in observable behavior until some time after the educational program has taken place. Learning helps us move from novices to experts and allow us to gain new knowledge and abilities. Effective relationships help the teacher gain the student's trust and therefore the students feel more comfortable in being taught by that teacher. It also helps the students gain more repose and therefore creates an effective learning environment in the classroom, which results in the ultimate benefit of the students.
I believe student-learning abilities vary from student to student. The teacher would have to adopt her technique of teaching in order to maximize the productivity of his/her lecture. The teachers can follow an array of approaches in order to deal with the various kinds of learning levels of students in a class. The classroom inquiry approach to teaching enables teachers to contribute to the knowledge base of developing effective classroom practices for inclusive classrooms by engaging in development of individual beliefs on student learning with their peers and participating in a team problem solving approach to generate classroom action. When teachers work development of individual beliefs on student learningly to monitor and improve their classroom practices, this can have positive results and improve their performance. Collaborations and interactions between teachers and university researchers as well as school administrators should also be a part of the inquiry and problem solving process. When teachers generate the knowledge that informs their practice (Canter, 2004), they have more control and leadership in the classroom. Thus, they expand the educators' repertoire of instructional methods to accommodate greater student diversity. When teachers work is conducted in an environment where collaboration and the development of individual beliefs on student learning, they are less likely to feel isolated and overwhelmed by the challenges created by the diversity in inclusive classrooms.
The teaching approaches by the teachers make the content meaningful and relevant to students. This is very important as the teacher has to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with his/her student. However, the disadvantage of such means of learning by students could be best explained in opposition to meaningful learning. "Meaningful learning is a process of relating and anchoring new material to relevant established entities in cognitive structure." (Savin, 2006) This meaningful learning depends largely on the teachers. One of primary responsibilities of teachers is to help the students in meaningful learning. It is difficult for learning to take place in chaotic environments. The teacher can build these relationships by effectively communicating their goodwill and encouraging nature to the students so that they feel comfortable in understanding their teacher better. Subsequently, teachers are challenged daily to create and maintain a positive, productive classroom atmosphere conducive to learning. On any given day, this can be quite a challenge. In the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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