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This is a two page research paper on the topic of: The event path for professional reflection: The nature and characteristics of reflective practice among teacher education faculty. The literature review will be explored and the methodology will be reviewed. Future implications…
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Research study
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Type the company Research Paper [Type the document sub ABC [Pick the This is a two page research paper on the topic of: The event path for professional reflection: The nature and characteristics of reflective practice among teacher education faculty. The literature review will be explored and the methodology will be reviewed. Future implications for the current body of knowledge will be identified
Reflection and introspection are requisites for being an educational professional. The introspection is an important procedure in preparing the lesson plans for a class or simply introspecting the hygiene of one own thoughts. The literature review was evaluated and the pertinent elements will be discussed in the essay. This characteristic is a necessary component of teacher education programs.
The problem that is being investigated is the subject of reflection of the professional vocational careers of educators in a tertiary educational institute environment. The dilemmas and issues which are discussed in the literature are the benefits and characteristics of reflection. Dewey (1933) said that teachers must reflect in order to properly deliver and implement the subject taught in their classes. Reflection is an answer to a previous event which entails learning, remembering, circumspection and introspection.
Dewey, J (1933) How we think: A restatement of the relation of reflective thinking to the
Education Process D.C. Heath & Company: Massachusetts
This topic discusses the need for teachers to reflect on their educational practices before acting.
Shulman, L.S. (1987) Assessment for teaching: an initiative for the profession, Phi Delta Kappan,
69, 38-44
This topic discusses remembering the teaching experience.
Richards, J.C. (1990) Beyond training: Approaches to teacher education in language teaching.
The Language Teacher, 14, 3-8
This topic involves conscious remembering and past responses.
Mahnaz, M. (1997) The content and nature of reflective teaching: A case of an expert
middle school science teacher Clearing House, 70(3), 143- 150
This topic involves thinking about the thinking and introspection that a teacher
must perform.
Freire, P. (1970, 1993) Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Continuum, New York
This topic talks about how humans are the only creatures who can create apart from
sexually reproducing.
Novak, J.D. (1998) Learning creating and using knowledge: Concept maps as
Facilitative tools in schools and corporations Lawrence Ehrlbaum & Associates
Novak, J.D. & Gowan, D.B.(1998) Learning how to learn. Cambridge University
This topic this was a classifying process which is an investigative mapping process
communicating the respondent’s language.
Schon, D.A.(1983) The reflective practitioner. How professionals think in action. Basic Book
Schon, D.A.(1987) Educating the reflective practitioner. How professionals think
in action. Basic Book
These topics talked about talking about the learning process in an active manner
Vygotsotsky, L.S.(1986) Thought and language. Cambridge; MIT Press
This topic talked about the use of language.
The sample population was at a Liberal arts college in the Midwest. An autobiographical academic report was collected along with statistical information about the respondents. The statistical method which was applied was comparative analysis. The bias is the self perception of the respondents. The areas where future research could be conducted are upon the elements of self satisfaction within the psychological domain and the selections of the three respondents who did not fit into the status quo. Read More
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