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Impact of social media on project stake holder management - Research Paper Example

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The aim of the research study is to outline the positive and negative impacts that social media can cause on stakeholder management in a project. Social media is a platform through which people across the globe can communicate effectively and also share different ideas, opinions…
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Impact of social media on project stake holder management
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Extract of sample "Impact of social media on project stake holder management"

Download file to see previous pages It forms an important part that leads to smooth completion of the project that has been undertaken. This is a very important discipline that is mostly addressed by successful people they believe that the opinions and ideas of these stakeholders are very much fruitful for the overall project development and in the majority cases leads to the success of the project rather than failure. There are various reasons that lead to failure of a project; however, the factor that is taken into consideration in this research study is the communication factor. An effective communication platform and coordination are the most important pillars of stakeholder management. As the stakeholders need to be aware of every possible detail of the project so that they are able to contribute towards such project so that it results in a success. Social media in the present scenario is not only bounded within Facebook, Twitter, etc., but it has proved itself to be a beneficial tool when there is a requirement to improve upon the level of communication amongst the team members and also amongst all the other stakeholders who play an important role in the success or failure of a project. There are various approaches in social media platform that helps in enhancing communication and applying such principles in a project helps to manage effectively the stakeholders, facilitates better collaboration, beneficial for problem-solving. Social media as a model helps an individual to focus on how information is being shared, used and aggregated. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Impact of Social Media on Project Stake Holder Management Research Paper)
Impact of Social Media on Project Stake Holder Management Research Paper.
“Impact of Social Media on Project Stake Holder Management Research Paper”, n.d.
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