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It does engage employees with different educational qualifications, each assigned to sections related to their skills. New Horizon consists of…
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Consulting Scenario Paper
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New Horizon Consulting Firm New Horizon Consulting Firm New Horizon is a consultancy firm that offers a diverse range of services for example, financial assistance and administrative support. It does engage employees with different educational qualifications, each assigned to sections related to their skills. New Horizon consists of different departments that depend on each other for attaining the business goals (New Horizon Consultancy Firm).
The position of a research assistant was awarded to Lenny Ferguson. It had required an individual with a degree in any of the following fields of science (marketing, political studies, or sociology). Some of the essential tools for this post include organizing; compiling; and analyzing data. Moreover, a research assistant is usually tasked with additional responsibility of: educating; investigating; coordinating, advising; and maintaining discipline (Chaskin, 2009).
The effectiveness of a research assistant will play a significant role in enabling New Horizon to attain its goals. A successful research department acts as an essential factor for the growth of a business. Reason being, it involves activities such as evaluation. Through it, the firms will be able to access its performance and setbacks. Second, through analysis New Horizon will be able to understand their market trends. Furthermore, it will enable them to familiarize with their consumer behaviors. Finally, through collection and organizing information New Horizon will be able to get feedback from their consumers (Minieri & Getsos, 2007). Therefore, Ferguson’s skills as a research assistant will be of great benefit to the success of New Horizon.
In conclusion, by providing employment opportunity to skilled persons, businesses are set to increase their performance. Reason being, skilled persons are of great significance to fields of their expertise.
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Minieri, J., & Getsos, P. (2007). 10 main concept of community organization. In J. Minieri & P. Getsos, Tools for radical democracy. New York: Chardon Press.
New Horizon Consultancy Firm. (n.d.). Retrieved from New Horizon Consultancy Firm: Read More
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