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Technology-based implementation in the context of the small retail business - Research Paper Example

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The paper analyzes a technology-based implementation in the context of the small retail business that is located in Central Florida. In this project, the basic idea is to automate the traditional business practices and improve the overall capability and performance of the corporation…
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Technology-based implementation in the context of the small retail business
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Extract of sample "Technology-based implementation in the context of the small retail business"

Download file to see previous pages This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the scenario of the business which is that the researcher’s best friend has bought a small retail business in Central Florida and its name is Bright Moon Store. The business has been doing fairly well but my friend has just found out that the accounting system consists of cash and receipts in a shoe box and there are no reports of anything since everything was kept in the prior owners head. So in this project, the researcher’s friend has hired him as a consultant to help get things organized. The Bright Moon Store deals in general household products that are used in our daily lives. The basic intention of this store is to provide customers with more convenient and easy access to daily used products. Bright Moon Store has a long business history in the market and with the passage of time, its overall reorganization has improved. As a result, Bright Moon Store wants to improve its overall market reorganization and performance. With the passage of time, the business customers are increasing so the business needs to adopt some effective tools and techniques to deal with these growing requirements. In order to run its business effectively, Bright Moon Store has to fulfill its basic business needs. The effective fulfillment of these needs will effectively support all business areas. In this scenario Bright Moon Store’s basic business needs are outlined below: Bright Moon Store is currently completing its business tasks using manual ways. In such scenario, the overall workload and working style are more rigid, which ultimately causes less effective business performance. The present business data is paper-based or semi-automated. In this scenario, problem is that the amount of data is huge and it cannot be handled without using an appropriate information system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Technology-Based Implementation in the Context of the Small Retail Research Paper - 1)
Technology-Based Implementation in the Context of the Small Retail Research Paper - 1.
“Technology-Based Implementation in the Context of the Small Retail Research Paper - 1”, n.d.
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