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Threat of migration as a core feature of the demographic landscape - Essay Example

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This essay discusses that migration is a core feature of the demographic landscape of most developing nations. This is inclusive of migration within regions or to western nations. These various forms of migration have far-reaching effects on these third world nations on the most vulnerable groups…
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Threat of migration as a core feature of the demographic landscape
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Download file to see previous pages This essay demonstrates that perhaps the biggest threat that migrant children face is that of child labor and trafficking. Due to lack of awareness, migrant children are known to be easy prey for child traffickers. In most cases, such children are lured with the promise of a good life elsewhere but most of them end up as being sex slaves while the boy children end up in construction and agriculture in some nations. In some Caribbean nations, some agencies came up to the children of migrants offering to reunite them with their parents. The children transit in such journeys without any adult accompaniment and this makes them vulnerable to child traffickers. Even after being united with their parents, some parents and especially mothers end up encouraging their daughters to participate in the sex trade for to help in paying the family bills.
In conclusion, most families from third world nations have used migration as a means for economic survival. While parents who have migrated abroad increase the remittances to their families, research has continually shown that such a move presents numerous threats to children. In most cases, the children who have been left behind are placed in a situation that increases their vulnerability something that has a negative effect on their psychological wellness. In addition to this, such children are vulnerable to abuse as well as misuse. Even the migrant children are not left out as they suffer the threat of sexual exploitation, child labor, and trafficking. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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