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The Various Pros And Con of the Issue About Environment Changes - Essay Example

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Serious government initiatives and international cooperation to address the issue need to be taken urgently. The paper will be looking at the various pros and con of the issue to find out if equitable and global agreement could be negotiated across the nations to address the issue of environment changes…
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The Various Pros And Con of the Issue About Environment Changes
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that global environment change is the most important issue of the contemporary times because it affects everyone, whether they come from rich country or belong to the under developed economies. It cuts across race, culture and nationality. The various international conventions and global bodies have acknowledged it as priority area that must be addressed urgently and collectively. The growing dependency on cross national resources has intrinsically linked the nations which have come together to tackle the global problems of climate change. Indeed, it is true that local economies and domestic interests highlight sovereign rights but Kyoto protocol, Rio Summit and the current Doha climate talk are testament to the fact that nations are willing to negotiate for mutually beneficial outcome which are also able to address the current issues of climate change. National interests would be overcome or atleast negotiated for the broader objectives which address global concern.
This paper makes a conclusion that it is important that local, national and international policies and framework must address demographic needs of the region. They must evolve ways to facilitate resources to match the increasing population through mutual negotiation that caters to the universal goal of safeguarding environment for future generation. The survival of human race is at danger from myriad fronts that also threatens the ecosystem. These are vital issues in climate change that would unite the global community. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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