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Public Policy & Government Regulation in Global Management - Research Paper Example

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The present study looks to focus on the impact of global warming on government, state bodies and the multinational corporations. Also the role of the government, state bodies and the multinational corporations to reduce global warming has been analyzed…
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Extract of sample "Public Policy & Government Regulation in Global Management"

Download file to see previous pages Energy is the heart of global warming. The production of electricity using fossil fuel is one of the prime reasons for the increase in global temperature. Global warming is likely to lead to a fall in demand for the hitting energy and increase the demand for cooling energy. The production of energy is likely to be halted by the increasing temperatures and a shortage of water supply. Energy production and distribution systems may get exposed to the rise in sea levels. Climate changes can affect some renewable energy resources in the nation. Sea Level rise, as well as storms, would increase the risk of major impacts. Flooding resulting from the increasing downpour would increase the risk of disruptions and delay in rail, air and road transportation. The rise in heat might limit transportation operation and lead too pavement and truck damage. Some corps show good responses to lofty carbon dioxide and low levels of warming. Extreme circumstances such as drought and downpour would reduce crop yields. Also, diseases, pets, and insects get benefited from warming. Global warming has affected the factors that control the decomposition and growth. Vast amounts of the shift have been seen in the timing of animal migration. Deserts and dry-lands are likely to become a lot drier. Global warming has an increased risk of deaths and illness due to the extreme heat. Global warming would make it more challenging for the health authorities to meet the air quality standards. Children and old are likely to be most vulnerable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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