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The advantages and disadvantages about solar power in replacing the original power (gas, oil) in United States - Essay Example

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Most people today take for granted the flipping on of a light-switch, popping snacks into a microwave, and flopping onto the couch to watch television. However, all of these basic day to day actions rely on power…
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The advantages and disadvantages about solar power in replacing the original power (gas, oil) in United States
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Extract of sample "The advantages and disadvantages about solar power in replacing the original power (gas, oil) in United States"

Download file to see previous pages In truth, most people, probably, do not even think about where their energy and fuel comes from until it is turned off. Few things do not require a power or fuel source, especially today, when that energy not available everything can begin to fall apart. Unfortunately, fossil fuel based energy sources commonly used bring with them serious consequences to the environment, as well as, not being limitless. The initiative to encourage power and fuel alternatives continues to be debated. The “go green” movement suggest “renewable” energy sources. Climate changes, continuing pollution, and the insecurity of the existing power and fuel sources are serious considerations. (Jacobson, and Delucchi 1154) Renewable sources may be exactly the solution that is needed, which includes the use of wind, geothermal, hydropower, and, particularly, solar power that could easily help secure a brighter future for the generations to come. Given the potential success and efficiency it is only common sense to investigate further and consider solar power, along with other “green” energy possibilities; feasible solutions to our modern energy needs. History Many researchers feel that the acquisition of and the ability to use fire, along with the development of language, is what, decidedly, made us human. It was, however, the understanding and utilization of fossil fuels that made us officially modern. As populations began to increase, in any given locations, the need to provide clothing, shelter, warmth, food, and transportation became paramount. Fossil fuels helped such large industrial populations to achieve that. Between 1880 and 1913, along with the natural born citizens, 60 million immigrants joined the population of the United States. (McNeill) As these growing populations in America continued to grow larger it became more and more necessary to engage in greater and greater usage of energies derived from fossil fuels. However, the abundant usage results in the excessive accumulation of “green house gases,” which is, generally, a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane. The green house gases literally change the chemical composition of the atmosphere and the harmful gases contribute to global warming. Researchers confirm that our planet’s surface temperature has, markedly, increased over the past two decades.(Mingyuan 359) This is a serious problem involving serious consequences. Not only are fossil fuels causing environmental damage it is, also, not an unlimited resource. Oil, coal, gasoline, the fuels and energy sources most are familiar with, are not going to be sufficient to meet the United States demand forever. Since the 1980s much research has been geared towards finding renewable energy sources that could wean us from our fossil fuel dependency in exchange for environmentally friendly, more reliable energy sources. There are multiple options within the parameters of renewable energy, but, the majorities agree that it is any resource that is naturally replenished by the earth or nature. Solar power, of all the environmental friendly green options, is probably, so supporters claim, the most viable and available renewable energy resource.(Mingyuan 356) Yet, as seen in the chart below, the United states has continued to rely on coal, petroleum, natural gas and, even, nuclear energy more than upon any of the renewable alternatives. The United States uses only a small fractions of the potential; at least in comparison of the to the usage of fossil fuels.("Solar") The sun, essentially, plays a huge part of what makes it possible to grow plant life to be harvested. Before ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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