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Energy for Transport in the Year 2035 - Assignment Example

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This essay "Energy for Transport in the Year 2035" discusses the impacts of energy consumption on the environment. The writer of the essay analyzes the effects of economic growth and describes the benefits of reducing energy consumption and using alternative energy sources…
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Energy for Transport in the Year 2035
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Extract of sample "Energy for Transport in the Year 2035"

Download file to see previous pages The dependence on oil now threatens many national economies, their security, and the environment as well. Not only can the world not endure fossil fuels being pumped into the atmosphere at the current rate for the next 30 years, most experts agree that by then, the world’s supply of oil will be largely depleted. Many forces will act to shape the future of energy as it relates to transportation. This discussion will examine how population growth and urbanization affect energy consumption and what impact affluence and technological advances such as telecommuting play on the redistribution of peoples. It will also examine in some depth what influence heightened amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) have on the environment and the practicality of regulations that attempt to curb this output. The use of alternative energy sources in the form of hydrogen and biofuels will also be discussed including an overview of each along with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Precisely what types of energy will be produced in the not-too-distant future as well as where, to whom, at what cost and the degree of benefit of every alternative avenue is open to speculation. What is not is the fact that the era of fossil-based energy that allows for mass mobility and fuels the world’s economy is coming to a quick and certain end.
Energy analysts worldwide cannot agree on the date that the production of oil will reach its peak. Some argue that the world is already at its peak production, others postulate this date to be no later than 10 years from now. The most optimistic of predictions give 2035 as the height of production followed by a steady decline from that point onward. To the ardently optimistic who believe that a problem that won’t occur for 20 years does not need to be addressed yet, industrialized countries are now using more oil per year than can be supplied. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Energy for Transport in the Year 2035 Assignment.
(Energy for Transport in the Year 2035 Assignment)
Energy for Transport in the Year 2035 Assignment.
“Energy for Transport in the Year 2035 Assignment”.
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