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Air Medical Transport: Then and Now - Research Paper Example

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Name Professor Course Date Air Medical Transport: Then and Now Travelling by plane is faster than travelling by land. There are also instances that certain locations can only be reached by riding a plane. In the field of medicine, there are conditions where a patient cannot endure long rough road trips and the most practical way of transportation would be through air…
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Air Medical Transport: Then and Now
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Download file to see previous pages Austin (43) stated that AME can trace its origin as a way of people responding to air crashes. It has been noted in less than a decade, 7 years to be exact after the first flight, 2 officers of the American Army modified the first plane in transporting a patient. The United States Army Air Corps in 1926 transported patients from a 150-mile distance from Nicaragua up to Panama in an Army Hospital (FARE, 1). It was during the World War I when the air medical transport emerged. Rapid developments were witnessed in the planning and further expanding the capabilities and capacities that aircrafts can contribute in the field of medicine and transport (Austin, 43). FARE (1) expressed that the theme which was repeated stated for air medical transport during the First World War was “stabilize the critically wounded soldier in the field, provide advanced care enroute, and get the patient to a trauma-qualified surgeon in less than an hour, and the extent and impact of injury, including the likelihood of death, can be reduced.” This scenario was adapted through the Vietnam War. However since it appeared that during this era, air medical transport is still in its experimental stage, its main objective was the “rescue and treatment of a small number of patients by a physician attendant (Austin, 43). Innovators of the air medical transport are still looking to broaden the service that an aircraft can carry and how it can be of immediate assistance to people who are badly in need of medical attention. The service that the primitive aircrafts used for medical transports were just giving basically transporting patients from one point to another. Exploring the circumstances, the aircraft medical personnel spanned the wings of the services it can bring and in between the 2 World Wars vast improvement and acceptance towards this manner of transport began to emerge. This statement however was contradicted by Davis et al (9) when they expressed a drop in the research of aviation medicine between the years of 1920 and 1935. However, it was in this period when the mechanism dubbed as the “automatic serial-action complex coordinator” was developed. The purpose of this device is to establish reaction times related to the pilot and decision and calculating process regarding travel times and conditions, probable age-related characteristics, and alcohol effects. With the broader public acceptance of this way of transporting patients, the Curtiss Eagle aircraft was transformed to be able to transport 4 litter and 2 seated patients within its enclosed cabin. Instead of having the regular physician on-board the plane, a surgeon sat beside of the pilot instead. Since there is an upgrade with regards to the medical team aboard the plane, the mission of the air medical transport changed from being limited to the function of crash-rescue to a more extensive air-route evacuation role. So far, in the United States it is noted that the Army is more involved with aeromedical transfers. This is the opposite in Australia where civilians are more involved with regards to this type of medical transportation compared to its Army (Austin, 43). During the Second World War, Germany emerged to be frontrunner in aeromedical transportation. The Germans were successful in transporting large-scale passengers in their aircrafts. The Americans did not allow themselves to be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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