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Cloning in Animals and Humans - Essay Example

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In the paper “Cloning in Animals and Humans” the author discusses technological advancements, which have led to new developments and inventions which were considered to be beyond human control. Mankind has moved ahead in all fields…
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Cloning in Animals and Humans
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Extract of sample "Cloning in Animals and Humans"

Download file to see previous pages It was an achievement for the scientists but a question of ethics and morals for other groups. This clone was considered to be a path of initiation towards the formation of human clones as well (Pence 2004, p 17). Thus, the subject of cloning of humans and animals has been a center of arguments and debates.
The cloning of Dolly in the year 1995 became a matter of concern for many groups. The President of the United States, Bill Clinton did not approve of cloning and issued a statement that the government would not invest in this field of cloning. The National Bioethics Advisory Commission put forward a report in the year 1997 in which it strongly prohibited the research for the formation of human clones. Feminist groups argued against this technique and presented the fact that it would be used by people to promote the domination of the society by males. Hence the subject became a matter of global concern (Kass et al 1998 p XV-XVI).
Though there was the initiation of many debates by different groups, the success of animal cloning continued and since the year 1998, different animal clones were produced. These included clones of calves, mice, pigs and goats. A goat was cloned in Japan and it was claimed that the goat would be able to generate milk in a much greater quantity. The cloning of mice was also considered to be a success owing to the fact that they are used very often for the process of conducting medical research activities. These breakthroughs of cloning in animals carried great benefits. Japan cloned cattle which would assist in the production of a greater amount of milk and this would fulfill the shortcomings of this industry in the country. Hence animal cloning carried with it major benefits (Pence 2004, p 17-19). In the United States, the utilization of meat and milk from the cloned animals was prohibited as much research on their safety was considered essential before it was permitted for consumption. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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