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Human and animals Cloning - Essay Example

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There are a number arguments and counter arguments regarding the aspect of cloning, particularly human cloning, in the scientific and social world. But it should be noted that no scientific breakthrough has ever been achieved without sea of skepticism. Logically so, this issue would not be solved without relevant amount of disagreement no matter how much Cloning can be a very useful tool if used under the right conditions…
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Human and animals Cloning

Download file to see previous pages... Thus even after numerous failures in the initial stages the initial stages the scientists worked on the procedure of this vitro Fertilization process where the scientific community from the United States came to be successful with the first IVF baby that was born in 1978. However it should be stated in the same context that the US quickly banned it after the baby came out. (King, 126)
The debate over cloning continued but at last non human cloning was allowed and approved in Science Congress. Dolly the sheep was cloned by the famous scientists Ian Wilmut and Keith Cambell in 1996. This was a phenomenal breakthrough in the history of microbiology and the survival of the sheep became the point of interest. However, it survived its initial complications and proved that cloning is a safe method for life forms. At the same context it should also be mentioned that the Dolly success brought in many more companies into the cloning business. The second successful experiment was Little Nicky. It has been estimated that about 87 tries were incorporated to clone Little Nicky, in which two resulted in pregnancy. Only one survived though. However, this proved that cloning was highly achievable and it was safe too. (Dev, 78-81)
Logically, the next step of the scientific community was to venture into Human Cloning. But there are several arguments for and against this measure. One argument suggests that the human gene pool is more complicated that that of a sheep thus tampering with it would surely harm its contents. These people argued that the cloning of human would surely weaken the gene pool. Another group of argument suggested that cloning would be very detrimental to human health and that health risk could become a big concern in future if human cloning is allowed. (Kar, 145)
There are also legal complications regarding the fact. However, in 1998 the legal authority granted the right of everyone to have a child in the famous case of Blingdon V. Abbott. (Fletcher, 188) But there are complications suggested by many quarters. There lies the chance of side effects of cloning. It is believed that LOS or large offspring syndrome develops a lot of abnormalities in a large group. Furthermore, as cloning is a process where exact DNA replications are made the method of cross breading would seize to exist. This is important as Cross breading would make people to diverse and thus develop. Then again uses of spare part organs are in scrutiny too. Many people don't believe that one should use and embryo for organs. (Deb, 323)
However the aspect of Cloning in Agriculture supports the use of cloning as streamline of Clone Elites would likely lead to mass production of transgenic animals where no safe guards are put on animals once it is able to produce protein. The quality of the products would also be taken into account as in cows the quality would vary as most cows produce about 1000 gallons, but one can get cows the make 2000 gallons with cloning alongside the overall quality of most if not all food would go up. (Lamb, 243-245) This would lead to a huge profit margin and main companies in the agriculture cloning field like Biotech are already taking interest in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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