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Initially, cloning was only possible on plant. However, with the advent of science, cloning of animals being has become possible. The animals mostly used in cloning are rodents and insects. In fact, the first animal to be cloned was mice…
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Against human cloning
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Against Human Cloning Initially, cloning was only possible on plant. However, with the advent of science, cloningof animals being has become possible. The animals mostly used in cloning are rodents and insects. In fact, the first animal to be cloned was mice. This was a significant step in the field of science. Animal cloning is today possible due to improved research in science. This led to beginning of research on human cloning. Human cloning has become the subject of discussion in various fields. This debate is expected tao continue until a justifiable compromise is realized. Several points have been raised depending on ones stand on this issue in society. The sociologists have become active in the discussion on human cloning. The effects of human cloning are certainly clear. In this paper, I will dispute the idea of human cloning highlighting its effects to the society and individual from a sociologist perspective. Human cloning will negatively affect both individual and society in a way that has not been anticipated. Firstly, in most medical operation, individuals are required to sign the consent form, showing that they agree with the process (Agarwal 3). This is meant to protect the weak and vulnerable in society. However, it is impossible to obtain consent from a human clone. There is no one to represent the cloned human and decipher the danger connected to it and possible future effects (Agarwal 4). This means such individual will be forced to live with problems that are a creation of others. Consequently, society will have to live with such burden. Additionally, this will lead to alteration of the human population structures by the introduction of a new man made features. Secondly, human cloning will lead to loss of identity and individuality. In fact, what makes human special is because of the uniqueness. Individual life is based on a future that is unpredictable right from birth to death. Therefore, when a human being is cloned, he is automatically denied the individuality and uniqueness (Agarwal 5). Their capability of being what they want is taken away from them. This means that they live a life that had been preconditioned. Such individuals are denied the opportunity to explore other avenues in life. In fact, it is argued that human being has a right to their own personality, and this should not be denied (Agarwal 5). Thirdly, human clone will devastate parenting and family life. The basic principles of a family are for a couple to remain in love and care for each other. Children results from such union and it is the right of parent to love them equally. However, parents of a clone may discriminate children they perceive to have lower qualities (Education Foundation Web). This shows that cloning undermine the basic elements of loving, nurturing family and acceptance of each child as a unique individual (Education Foundation Web). Moreover, human cloning will cause unbalance to the society. In fact, not all individual will afford the cost of the new technology. This is evident in different social and economic classes. This means only the elite in the society can afford the cost of such improved technology. On the other hand, the poorer economic class will not afford this new technology. Additionally, not all citizens will have the financial opportunity to clone themselves. This means the balance of equality among the society will be affected. This is because few individuals will manage to clone themselves. There is also possibility of the human clone being used in antisocial. This will happen through abuse of this new technology. In fact, Cell used for cloning can be taken from a particular individual unwittingly. Hence, it is possible for people to obtain someone cells and create an exact replica of such individual. Such people may force their newly developed clone to commit any crime. This will be difficult to establish the real author of such crime. Additionally, a person may make a clone to preserve a particular trait. This can happen to leaders who want to perpetuate their power. For this reason, it is possible to clone any oppressive or tyrannical figure. There is also a likelihood of selling human clone (Education Foundation Web). This is undeniably immoral. In conclusion, human cloning can affect our society drastically. In fact, it does not just affect the donors and clones, but all the society as a whole. Therefore, society needs to be against its full implementation because it will affect the current and subsequent generation. \ Works Cited Agarwal, Nisha. The Pros and Cons of Cloning. Web 05 December 2012. Education Foundation. Disadvantages of cloning. . Web 05 December 2012. Read More
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