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Genetics and hybrid animal technology - Essay Example

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The last two decades has been characterised with a surge in new genetic technologies for animals that have been widely applied in biomedical research. The technologies are also thought to increase a non-food uses for traditional livestock species, and this is likely to spark…
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Genetics and hybrid animal technology
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Extract of sample "Genetics and hybrid animal technology"

Download file to see previous pages Genetic and hybrid animal technology describes a group of techniques that are applied to modify or manipulate the genetic make-up of organisms using recombinant DNA. According to Montaldo (2006), the technique allows for identification, replication, modification and the transfer of cells or tissues and, in some cases the complete organism. On a wider perspective, the technology, which entails the incorporation of DNA markers for selection, aims at improving the quality of breeding and the subsequent offspring.
The technology relies on genetic information of animals in order to effect the improvement. Animal selection is usually done by understanding the effect the genes to be transferred will have the same. According to Montaldo (2006), the transfer of a particular gene depends on the expected advantages it is likely to proffer to the animal. The following techniques are used in genetic and hybrid animal technology.
Transgenics: This is the most common technique applied in hybrid animal technology. Also referred to as recombinant DNA, the technique involves the transfer of a particular trait from one organism to the other (Bioscience, 2015). In transgenic, the gene splicing method facilitates the introduction of a gene for a required trait from one organism to the other. Upon the successful transfer, new DNA is integrated into the second animal’s genetic material, and this leads to the creation of a transgenic animal (Montaldo, 2006). The transgenic animal acquires new characteristics following the alteration of its protein makeup.
Cloning: In this technique, nucleus of differentiated adult cells is moved to an oocyte without of nucleus (Bioscience, 2015). The result is the production of several copies of almost the same animals (Bioscience, 2015). According to Bioscience (2015), this technique is used in producing copies of animals with superior traits such as high milk production and wool ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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