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Exegetical analysis of St John 1:1 giving keen attention to the concept of logos and its contextual implications - Essay Example

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With the opening verses of the four Gospels, the evangelist gives basic insight about respective governance concerning the accounts of Jesus life as well as ministry. Mark’s account can be considered the most compact whereby he recounts Jesus’ baptism in order to establish…
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Exegetical analysis of St John 1:1 giving keen attention to the concept of logos and its contextual implications
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Extract of sample "Exegetical analysis of St John 1:1 giving keen attention to the concept of logos and its contextual implications"

Download file to see previous pages Of the four Gospels, John makes the most intense use of the prologue method in shaping the outlines of particular Christology (O’Day 1995: 758). The Gospel of John’s prologue can be described as the most profound passages in the Bible as its description of Christ Jesus as the logos has put forth an everlasting influence of theology of Christianity (Bruner, 2012:3).
The prelude of John 1:1-18 is distinctive in Bible literature. It is obvious that John’s main point is not God the person but the emphasis on the distinctiveness of the Word. The Logos are the focal point of the work as well as the teachings in the passage that show that the Logos is complexly involved with the universe’s creation. All through the prologue, it is quite clear there is a pre-existence of the Logo (Giblin 1985: 87-103). A lot has been said about the beginnings of the word logos. Philo used the term and yet Philo’s logo is an impersonal manifestation of God’s Wisdom. While John’s use of the word logos borrows from that of Philo (most notably considering that John wrote the Gospel when he was in Ephesus because it is at this point that the Greeks were able to comprehend its usage), but John goes a step further than what Philo dreamed of. Instead of a pantheistic, neutral divine release, John’s logos are a more personal, eternal being that is not part of creation but instead the creator himself (Seitz, 2007: 55).
To have a better understanding, the first verse must be examined. The verse is broken down into three parts each playing a significant role. The first noticeable thing is the flawed form of eimi usage all through the prologue concerning the logos. The phrase has an attachment “en arche” being timeless – i.e. dating back as, so one wishes it to be, in pushing back the beginning for the Word was already existent. This is evident in the New English Bible. It says, “The Word was already there during the beginning of all things.” Therefore, ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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