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Unit 2 HA499 Capstone Project Research On A Real-Life Healthcare Organization - Essay Example

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One of human’s basic needs, as a developed and organized being, is the access to proper health care in order to continue the daily undertakings in the society. Hospitals and clinics are tangible manifestations of the state’s goal of providing this basic need to all of its…
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Unit 2 HA499 Capstone Project Research On A Real-Life Healthcare Organization
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Extract of sample "Unit 2 HA499 Capstone Project Research On A Real-Life Healthcare Organization"

Download file to see previous pages population, as of February 15, 2012, 25% of this actually belong to the so-called baby boom generation, which has already reached retirement (Rogers, 2012). In 2009, the number of American individuals aged 65 and above was almost 40 million, and this statistics is projected to become 72.1 million in 2030 based on the numbers released by the U.S. Census Bureau (Rogers, 2012). With the increasing number of the aging population, the medical wing of the U.S. faces a great challenge of addressing this proliferating number, which needs to be prioritized in terms of therapies, medicines, and other forms of medical support.
In improving access to health care, there are lots of factor to be considered, such as addressing contextual and individual determinants (Andersen et al., 2011). The contextual determinant refers to the “circumstances” and “environment” in which healthcare is accessible, such as the availability of healthcare organizations including medical research facilities (Andersen et al., 2011, p. 4). On another perspective, writing theoretical research concerning the health care industry only generates solutions to problems that may or may not be applied in actuality. For instance, a research published by Anderson, Crabtree, Steele, and McDaniel, Jr. (2005) posed a question regarding the practicality of suggested solutions generated by hundreds of researches to the medical practice. Simply saying, the results earned out from prolific researchers remain abstract and a theory all throughout because physicians, nurses, and other health care workers failed to institute and implement those suggestions (Anderson et al., 2005).
A lot of researches characterized the health care industry as a “mechanistic” organization (Anderson et al., 2005, p. 670). This means that the industry is a simple structure and can be predicted using a relational approach that a particular action is predicted to cause this effect (Miller, 1993 as cited in Anderson ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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