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The World Wide Web has emerged as a significant tool for businesses in gaining a competitive advantage. The paper "Information Security Practice In The Company Activity" discusses guarding electronic resources against the intrusion threats as an issue related to the business imperative…
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Information Security Practice In The Company Activity
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Download file to see previous pages Hackers carry out organized attacks on web-enabled systems using advanced software programs and techniques. These have the capability of penetrating Information Technology (IT) systems of corporate networks and providing unwarranted access and control to the attackers, regardless of their geographical location (Garcia, 2007). According to Olson (2011), the purpose of such attacks can be myriad– fun, community interests, competition activity, data breaches, service disruption or sabotaging networks in order to implement more offensive warfare.
The quantity of intrusions and hacking attempts is increasing, and the methods used are becoming more sophisticated. Emelyanova (2011) believes that there is no completely secure location or network. A malicious entity can gain knowledge of an online resource through several means, including DNS lookups, newsgroups, email properties, etc. Thus, guarding one’s electronic resources against such intrusion threats is an issue related to a business imperative.
According to Jaiswai and Jain (2010), an Intrusion detection system (IDS) functions like the burglar alarm of an online infrastructure or network and guards it against any unauthorized attempts to gain access. Thus, an IDS serves as the first line of defense for most computer systems. In this context, a detailed methodology for analyzing the concept of network intrusion in the area of security policies is studied along with the domains where collaborative Intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) can be implemented. A brief overview of the focus areas is introduced in this section.
Research in this area indicates that intruders use various types of malicious code to demolish and bypass cybersecurity (Bidgoli, 2006). As a result, billions of networks and computers are exploited through the Internet. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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