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Post-Modernist Architecture - Coursework Example

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Introduction: The new phenomena have emerged in the post modern period in which there has been an intermingling of the architecture and the elements of advertising. Architecture has become the mouthpiece of the media and the giant monuments have been used partially or fully to symbolize an expression of statement marking the commercial aspect of the propaganda…
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Post-Modernist Architecture
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Download file to see previous pages In postmodern period, which is inherently marked by capitalistic symbolism of faade -the media is speaking in the background of the architecture A very genuine question emerges which requires an investigation; has faade become architecture or does the architecture become faade. The marriage of facade and architecture to target new consumerism is outstanding phenomenon of the new age and new culture.
Chapter 1: Post-Modernist Approach to Architecture and Advertising: The post modernism is marked by strong cultural change which is reflected in the collective practices in the art, architecture, society, politics, ethics and the connectivity. It is a notion of more global expression which desires for quick attention and immediate results. The impact of post modernism is global as it's impact is seen and felt not just on one section of society rather the force of impact is felt on a much wider range including aesthetics and other dimensions of societies manifested in global sphere. " "Postmodern architecture" referred to a movement, emerging in the 1950s, that reacted against modem architecture, reasserting the importance of decoration, ornament, and expression against the prevailing taste for austere functionalism in capitalistic society"(Carrol, 1997) Architecture as an art form is very closely connected with consumerism, which is a vital force which stirs the momentum of the media in the present age of active field which has emerged as media architecture. The marriage of media and architecture has been the reflection of the changing society in the last few decades. The force of consumerism is very powerful, in organizing the momentum of architectural expression in the form of construction of buildings. In the present post modern phase of artistic expression 'high art architecture' has the power to make a bold statement to the world and in many ways can be said to have become a 'consumerist commodity itself'. Architecture has become faade in the light of modern consumerism and powerful influence of capitalism. The manipulative power of such consumerism in the current era is seen to overpower the artistic aspect of the building and the architecture. The new age architecture is not just a reminder of the classic and artistic feature of the olden times but are largely influenced by the images and displays provided in their background for public at large. The production of buildings is largely result of such consumerism; and they vary from dynamic structure like Time Square in New York and Allianz Arena in Germany to shopping malls which have the power to attract consumers and serve as a catch. The present day architecture has become as faade, which speaks through images and displays with the objective to communicate with the public and aim at certain impact to promote and stimulate consumerism.
The role of the new postmodern phenomena, the increasing rise of capitalism and the dynamic introduction of the consumerism in the backdrop of architectural aesthetic which is dazzled by the illumination lights, messages and giant screens is aimed to hypnotize the consumer into action. The objective is purely commercial and economic and the outcome is a genre which buys into irrational urges overpowered by the faade, shinning and dazzling high above as a form of art to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Post-Modernist Architecture Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 10000 Words.
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