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The Generational Psychological Trauma Of The Holocaust Experience - Essay Example

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Children that survived the Holocaust are still center of the debate. The paper "The Generational Psychological Trauma Of The Holocaust Experience" determines if the harrowing experiences of the parents during the Holocaust may have had an unfavorable effect on their children as well…
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Download file to see previous pages If proven, as stated by Brom and colleagues (2001), such influences would give proof of the occurrence of the passing on of psychological trauma across generations, a discovery that would be of major significance, not just for mental health patients and their providers, but also to perpetrator organisations and insurance companies (Catherall 2005) who would afterwards be held accountable for damages meted out on generations of victims.
Nonetheless, for the moment, the transgenerational influences of the Holocaust on the survivors’ children are still center of the substantial debate. According to Kellermann (1999), some think that the idea of the ‘second generation’ is erroneous and that the transmission process is a misleading notion. Others ask, such as Levav and colleagues (2007), whether there is a specific field of psychology for offspring of survivors. Yet others believe that the offspring, such as Mash and Barkley (2003), and the survivors of the Holocaust themselves, are a varied group that attempts to generalize their features will have a tendency to be prejudiced. Therapists claim that it is not possible to belong to a family of Holocaust survivors without taking in some of the emotional pains of the parents. Scholars and researchers oppose, arguing that descendant generally does not show any fewer or more indications of psychopathology than similar groups (Williams-Keeler et al. 1998).
During the recent decades, the literature on transmission of Holocaust trauma across generations has developed into a voluminous body of distinct psychological evidence. This knowledge has grown progressively like that of the growing modernization of most psychological studies, from theorizing that motivated empirical investigations (Carey 2006).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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