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Birth Trauma - Essay Example

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Birth trauma is a condition which in this study was found to be merely an illusion due to the behavior of the persons involved in the situation. Beck has identified this through a research conducted relating to the rationale phenomenon of the trauma which can range from a rapid delivery to cardiac arrest.
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Birth Trauma
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Extract of sample "Birth Trauma"

Download file to see previous pages The phenomenon of interest helps to shape the details or the way the study advances; which isn't directly mentioned in the study. The philosophical underpinnings of the research described in the article are irrational striving to prove that birth trauma is an illusion on behalf of the sufferer.
The standpoint here is that on an average, of all the studies mentioned in the article; only Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was observed which 25 % of the eligible mothers were suffering from. The concept of birth trauma is vastly seen as routine and flexibility of opinions is none whatsoever. Hence, it is of concern to find out the hidden meaning and experiences not of PTSD but of birth trauma. Whilst, the research on birth trauma does not consider nursing to have any effect on it though it does contribute to it one way or another.
The method used was through a research centre which was compatible; conceivably not to a great extent, when considering the amount of women who participated in the study. The only requirement was to narrate the experience of going through birth trauma. This was not enough because the reasons for the occurring of trauma were not identified. The years from the occurrence of birth trauma were in some cases more than a decade ago. Therefore, tangible parts may have been forgotten or altered in the memory especially if any feelings of resentments weren't addressed in all that time.
Selection of participants was straightforward with a few basic requirements. The use of purposive sampling showed that the criterion for participating was simply based on mothers who have gone through birth trauma. Purposive sampling is used to prove a particular point, which was suitable for the research being carried out as it can be easily approached to a group of people, though it is subject to error. Thus, help in increasing the outlook on the experiences. While the chosen informants were suitable for the research, in a sense, that they were ready to reveal their personal experiences.
Human Subject Protection
There was no mention of protection of humans; just a personal experience of the implications of birth trauma on their lives. Though the words quoted in the article were anonymous for protection of the mothers. Moreover, there was no such need for security of the participants as the phenomenon was only used to draft the results.
Data Collection
The collection of data was largely and solely focused on the human experience of the trauma through emails containing stories. Almost all the data was collected through the internet which took a maximum of one and a half year. Whereas, spent six months were spent in extracting the significant information from the accounts: data saturation or redundancy.
Data Analysis
The strategies used were made illustrative by arranging them into themes of four groups relevant to the experiences and authenticated with the candidates. Authentication guaranteed the absence of any factual error made intentionally or unintentionally in the data analyzed. The analysis of the data was straightforward and unambiguous as general or common feelings were taken into account; enhancing the significance of the experience.
Credibility of the information or data received, from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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