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The former becomes an integral part of the later as nature entails diverse type of beauty for the beholder. The value of beauty is ascertained only by the appreciator…
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The Eye of the Beholder
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Response Essay Intrinsic beauty and nature are two conceptions, which are correlated and presented by many philosophers. Theformer becomes an integral part of the later as nature entails diverse type of beauty for the beholder. The value of beauty is ascertained only by the appreciator. Hence, all natural phenomena are intrinsically good and useful in their nature. As, fire, mud, lava, mist, storms and decomposition all are a part of nature and have their own goodness and benefit for us. Likewise, Buddhists also believe that all natural creatures behold goodness in them as they are a part of ecosystem even the predators.
Similarly, humans are the only creation of God that can think, verbalize, communicate, and value things. Since the inception of time and development of human race, the notion of value emerged as humans were able to reason and none other species on Earth could do so. Yet, animals live by instincts and survival keeps them active for life (Brady,2003). Humans are the only being that can sense, reason, judge, plan, and proclaim the worth of nature. Rolston suggested that humans have started valuing things on Earth, as they started valuing gold so it became worthy and they proclaimed that coal is not a valued rock so it became worthless. Similarly, diamond is considered precious and coal in comparison to it is valueless.
Naess suggests that humans should live in equilibrium with nature as both are of same value. However, I do not agree with it, humans determine value of nature and whatever is in it. thus, humans are worthwhile and come before any other species of the world. However, nature is also an essential need for survival of humans. Thus, if it is not preserved, its decline will result in the decline of humans them self.

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Brady, E. (2003). Aesthetics of the natural environment. Edingburgh: Edingburgh University Press.
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