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It dehumanized Africans by making them slaves, and taking them away from their motherland. Great harm was inflicted on humanity, as well as the African continent by the enslavement. The following…
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Choose any topic. i dont have specific one
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"Choose any topic. i dont have specific one"

Download file to see previous pages Some people, for example state that the blacks did not resist slavery. On the contrary, blacks resisted slavery in every society. Another misconception relates to the assumption that no African influence exist on the currently culture of African Americans. Alexander and Rucker refute the misconception by stating that “many dance forms in the United States were influenced by West-Central Africans” (129) and the Charleston dance give a perfect example. Another misconception related to the lynching of black men. Most lynches were associated with accusations of sexual incidents with a white woman. However, most lynches were as a result of a black person attempting to vote, demanding their rights, or operating a successful business (Ruffins 1)
The holocaust destroyed the lives of the people involved in the enslavement. It forced them to leave the comfort of their homeland for a foreign country. Consequently, it affected negatively on the social lives of those enslaved. It, for example, separated family members, leading to disintegration of the social unit. More to this, family providers who were taken into slavery left their families struggling to survive, thus causing them economic problems. Africans suffered emotional instability, given the long periods of separation from their loved ones. Young children grew up without their parents, hence forcing them to take up parental responsibilities at an early age that led to psychological imbalance.
Those enslaved were succumbed to hard labor. They worked hard, leading to the prosperity of the Europe, and America at the expense of Africa. The whites amassed a lot of wealth from Africa, which they centralized, and locked up in their continent, thus boosting their prosperity. On the other hand, the enslavement denied Africans an opportunity to build their economy for many years, resulting in the under development of the African continent (Merretazon 1).
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