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The writer of the essay "Africans during enslavement" suggests that Africans resisted their enslavement and oppression during the slave trade and under the institution of slavery depending on personal situations such as station or generation born in and after Africa…
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Africans during enslavement
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"Africans during enslavement"

Download file to see previous pages Field hands or field slaves did not have the same privileges as house slaves. Men and women would work in the fields plowing, planting, and harvesting cotton, sugar cane, wheat, tobacco, and other cash crops. Field hands were the slaves that were rebellious, strong, and disposable. Field hands were beaten more. This desperate situation causes a more direct rebellion. Field hands would run, attack, and resist in violent manners. These slaves had nothing to lose. The choices were grim. Field slaves could be beaten to death, work to death, or live a miserable existence until death. Kunta was a field hand after being brought to North America as a slave. He was strong but ran every chance he got. The last time Kunta escaped, slave trackers cut his foot off. After his foot was cut off, Kunta could no longer run. His master made him a driver. Kunta had to find another way to resist. He celebrated his African roots quietly. One example is of putting stones in a jar every full moon. This was a way to count the passage of time. He named his daughter an African name of Kizzy. Kunta also received to eat pork due to his Muslim background. All of these acts were ones of resistance. Enslavement and oppression resistance also depended upon generation. Kunta and Nunu were African. The slaves from Africa were once free. Kunta and Nunu had family, friends, and a tribe. On the other hand, Bell, Kizzy, Nunu’s son, Joe (Sankofa) were first, second, and further generations. The slaves born in captivity only knew slavery. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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