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Misconceptions is Ruining the Marriage Rules - Essay Example

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Marriage should be a fruitful bond between a man and a woman that have religious, social, and moral significance (Stewart, 2008). Increasingly, however, marriage rules are turning into a little more than a mistaken belief. From online resources to the hinterlands, cases of second, third fourth marriages drown out the traditional character of adherence to matrimonial set of laws…
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Misconceptions is Ruining the Marriage Rules
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Download file to see previous pages The guideline provides that the wife shall surrender unto her husband in a similar manner as the husband surrenders himself to his lord. The wife becomes a plain adherent to the inclinations of the husband as they are united in marriage. The wife is decreed by the marriage vow to live a prudent and virtuous life, subservient to her husband in their chosen place of abode (Briffault and Malinowski, 1956). Among the Muslims, the doctrine for marriage were believed to be set by God and handed down by God to his creation from the time of Adam and Eve, through all the succeeding prophets until the time of Muhammed. The doctrine provides equal rights and privileges for the wife and the husband as they dwell together in marriage. The wife and the husband adhere to each other, each having a definite role in their married life. While the wife provides a cover for her husband against commission of transgressions and safeguards her man's properties, the husband provides for the dwelling, the sustenance, and other needs of the family (Ali, 1935; Stiles, 2005). In the present day, however, the prevailing issue in marriage similar to easing up of Islamic marriage rules in Zansibar (Abu-Odeh, 2004) is "a predisposition to polygamy".
T The most visible evidence that misconceptions now permeates marriage topic of concern is the unfortunate emphasis by couples living apart for reasons of source of income or work which is a predisposition to polygamy. For example, the husband has to be in a foreign nation for a year to work and earn the living for a family who are left in his native land. Working abroad by either the wife or the husband has become a standard practice for families. How many people can ignore the physical, moral, and social needs of an individual The commitment of time spent away from the family is not small. The thoughts of being away from the family are equally nerve-racking. Although the internet, the cell phones, the televisions, the video games, and the malls are handy tools to alleviate worries and longings, but, these can certainly not substitute the physical presence.
Evidence that misconceptions are ruining the marriage rules is the emphasis on husbands having different social interest than their wives or vice versa. While the husband loves golf, the wife on the other hand prefers ballroom dancing. Huge predisposition to polygamy awaits each other on each side of the social interest. For example, in the present time, usually attractive, young ladies are assigned to carry umbrellas for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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