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How Confucianism Influenced Gender Equality in South Korea - Coursework Example

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This coursework "How Confucianism Influenced Gender Equality in South Korea" discusses the introduction of Confucianism ideology that changed the roles of women in Korean society. The work outlines all manner of inequality of women, a significant problem of discrimination against women and the behavior of society in general. …
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How Confucianism Influenced Gender Equality in South Korea
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Extract of sample "How Confucianism Influenced Gender Equality in South Korea"

Download file to see previous pages The modern Korean society has numerous religious of which Confucianism is one of them. Therefore, this essay tries to found out how Confucianism as a tradition affected the lives of Koreans with a strong emphasis on gender equality. It is imperative to discuss if society still holds to such traditions especially those that discriminate against women.
The Confucianism tradition in South Korea dates back to many Kingdoms that defined the society in terms of roles, and hierarchy (Sung 342). The ideology behind Confucianism is that men are superior to women and it became popular during the Choson dynasty. Though the concept originated from China, Koreans would modify it to become part of their culture where societal values and culture were based on the ideology. In the Korean situation, Confucianism did not mean a system of governance, but rather ranking of the society with the aim of giving it an ideal image. Eventually, Confucianism became part of the Korean lifestyle and would form the basis of the societal organization. Come 1991, South Korean experienced some changes in family laws thereby changing roles in the entire society (Patterson and Brandon 24). Women's rights activists moved to courts to challenge the harmonization of Confucianism ideologies with societal changes. They argued that society was going through political and economic changes thus there was a need to make laws flexible for all genders. On the other hand, the women right’s advocates complained about the inequality environment that ideology created in South Korean society (Sung 344). However, Confucianism ideologies were planted on the South Korean society, and they still hold even in modernity.
Women’s role in society has always been very important in Korean culture both in modernity and the past. In fact, changes in Korean society have majorly been on the role that females assume in society. Confucianism created a patriarchal lifestyle where all males become superior to their females (Sung 342). However, there is always a misconception on the Confucianism concept since it advocates different roles of both males and females. In this case, Confucianism is not entirely against gender equality but rather advocates defined roles in society (Patterson and Brandon 24). In fact, some of the concepts and underlying assumptions of Confucianism ideology suggests that men and women cannot survive without one another. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Confucianism Influenced Gender Equality in South Korea Coursework.
(How Confucianism Influenced Gender Equality in South Korea Coursework)
How Confucianism Influenced Gender Equality in South Korea Coursework.
“How Confucianism Influenced Gender Equality in South Korea Coursework”.
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