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This essay entitled "Causes and Effects of the Holocaust" is focused on the consequences of holocaust. As the author puts it, Jewish Holocaust has substantial historical significance since it led to the prosecution and slaughter of 6 million people by the Nazi…
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Causes and Effects of the Holocaust
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Causes and Effects of the Holocaust Introduction Jewish Holocaust has substantial historical significance since it led to the prosecution and slaughter of 6 million people by the Nazi and its associates. The Holocaust can be ascribed to different factors although some may sound illogical. The Jews had significantly occupied most areas around Europe and its neighbors that Germany had managed to capture or have other associations concerning different subjects. Therefore, Germany resolved on significantly diminishing the quantity of Jews through various techniques, one being the Holocaust. The Holocaust claimed numerous lives although for Hitler and his associates this was termed as victory. The Holocaust had different causes, as well as, repercussions for the Jewish community and other minor communities that existed in German-owned regions.
The occurrence of the Holocaust had different causes one being the sensation of superiority for the Germans against other people. The Germans regarded themselves as superior group while the Jews were regarded as inferior, thus presenting the argument that Jews were a foreign threat to the prosperity of the German racial society. This is because Jews existed in large numbers across Europe triggering fear that they might on occasion take on the region. This worried Hitler and his associates thus leading to the planning and execution of the massacre. The Germans commenced with prosecutions of other minority communities that had ideological, political and behavioral diversity eventually leading the grand prosecution of the Jews.
Anti-Semitism profoundly influenced the occurrence of the Holocaust thus creating an attitude for Hitler and other groups to take on Jews. Hitler’s visit to Austria substantially influenced him to undertake the mass murders since Anti-Semitic groups offered information that linked the economic problems that existed to Jews (Zuckerman 4). They insisted that Jews refused to utilize their money in economic processes thus leading to economic problems. The Jewish community held many people who were regarded as the financiers of the economy thus the occurrence of the Depression was attributed to them due to their financial cultures concerning thrifty spending (Zuckerman 5). Therefore, Hitler had to find a solution to ending the miseries through mass murder of the Jewish civilization.
Nazi policies concerning the origin of Germans fro Aryans contributed profoundly to the massacre during the Holocaust. However, this was considered a misguided notion although Germans continued to insist on its significance leading to killings, not just for the Jews, but also for other minority communities within the region (Zuckerman 4).
In addition, the augment in popularity for Zionism in the 19th century led to demonstration of fundamentalism and selectiveness for the Jewish community triggering hatred and prejudices against the Jews (Zuckerman 4). Therefore, Hitler and his associates deliberated on terminating the community’s prosperity in all fields through the Holocaust.
Consequently, many Jews remained homeless since the Nazis had brought their homes down leading to the creation of camps that held them until they immigrated to Israel. Therefore, the suffering that the Jews endured had not ended due the effects the events that transpired held for the community. The Holocaust brought psychological traumas to the remnants since they observed their relatives’ suffering and even death in the wake of the Holocaust. In addition, many remnants experienced physical harms ascribed to constant harassment and beating by the Nazis who considered them inferior. The occurrence of the Holocaust made the superpowers take measures concerning the prevention of a similar occurrence in the prospect through control and supervision. The Holocaust made other nations around the globe to allow Jews to return to Israel in order to keep them safe form similar occurrences.
Work Cited
Zuckerman, Peter A. Beyond the Holocaust: Survival or Extinction? USA:
Human Progress Network, 1996. Read More
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Causes and Effects of the Holocaust Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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