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Debiasing Leaders - Essay Example

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The, relatively, unbiased leader promotes trust and confidence among the employees and ensures that employees are more open to their leaders in terms of sharing their views and feedbacks on various organization matters…
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Debiasing Leaders
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The impact of cognitive biases in organization leaders can result in sub-optimal decisions and can sometimes impact negatively on both inter and intra-group human relationships. Furthermore, these biases can at times be worsened by the coterie surrounding the leader. The coterie may use manipulation in order to further their own selfish interests which may misinform and misdirect the leader from making optimal decisions based solely on actual facts. Additional disadvantages of the biases include hindering fundamental workers/employees from contributing towards the decision-making process of the organization, which could result in decreased organizational productivity and success.
Organizational leadership and management is to some extent a function of management policies and a leader’s personal cultural-cognitive biases play a big role in the development and implementation of such policies. Therefore, a leaders’ biases have an impact on the quality of decisions, meeting organizations goals and can as a result obscure rational organizational decision-making, resulting in sub-optimal performance or even organizational failure.
Recent studies have demonstrated that debiasing is effective to some degree and the paper explores the methods that would be more effective for a leader. The research aims to explore whether debiasing can be a helpful tool in aiding organization leaders make better decisions, coupled with the cost effectiveness of specific debiasing techniques. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Debiasing Leaders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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