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Is leadership something that comes naturally - Essay Example

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Are some people just naturally born to be leaders? This is a very old question and different researchers have expressed different views on this subject. There was time when majority of the writers were of…
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Is leadership something that comes naturally
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Download file to see previous pages (1999) are of the opinion that leaders are made since extensive training is needed in any case, therefore those who thinks that leaders are born will be unable to explain why then training and development sessions are held in order to make a leader more successful.
Eric Garner (2005) is against the saying that leaders are born. It takes certain efforts in order to become a leader. Garner are of the opinion that it is not enough to be born with certain qualities, a person also has to be aware of how these could be used in order to produce results.
Wally Bock (2006) adopted a balanced approach while expressing his views on the subject. He says leadership comes both naturally and with education and experience. He says that it cannot be just one of the two, otherwise we would have had leaders who have no educations at all and they would be very successful or in the other case we would have had leaders who are alike since they have received the same education and were trained to become a model leader.
A vast majority of writers are agreeing with the opinion of Bock. They, however, argue about which qualities have to be inborn and which qualities should come with education and experience. They say that anyone can learn to become a leader. However, there are some qualities that cannot be taught, the so called intangible ones, and the ones that cannot be measured and explained, for instance, natural decision making, complex problem solving, and self-development and group development. On the other hand, there are many qualities that can be learned, for instance, time and task management, communication skills, negotiation skills, ways how information can be presented, debating and most importantly motivating.
Without developing the abilities that are even inborn apart from learning new ones a leader will never become successful. Duggan and fellows (2007) suggest that for becoming successful in profession, leaders must focus on self-development, therefore, be quite ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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