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Personal Leadership Assessment Name Instructor Course Date According to various inventories, what is your leadership style? How would you characterize your style? What strengths come naturally to you? What behaviors are you most likely to neglect? Choose 5 areas that you wish to focus on and make sure you discuss them at length Leadership is not simply a matter of authority, but entails rearranging the talent as well as making informed choices and inspiring transformation to pave way for future progress (Pierce, 2003)…
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Download file to see previous pages Coaching leadership has helped me recognize that the essence of leadership is having a conscience that drives you to want to make a difference and inspire progress by building personal strengths among the team members. As a team leader, coaching leadership to me is characterized as one which helps in connecting individual goals to that of a larger group where I ensure that I delegate work, realize strengths and weaknesses of team members and urge them to work hard to achieve the set ends. I consider myself a mentor to the team members and help in improving their talents, strengths and providing guidance for maximum productivity is both my duty and responsibility. As a team leader, one of my greatest strengths is leadership communication. Communication comes naturally to me; over the years, I have perfected my ability to command an audience especially while interacting and while on the job with team members. This is something I learnt from Terry Pierce’s Leading Out Loud: Inspiring Change through Authentic Communication. Pierce believes that proper leadership communication builds resonance (Pierce, 2003). The lesson here is that leadership communication revolves around growth and change, which is to say that communication creates a story line, that is, a past, a present, and a future. The rationale of leadership, therefore, revolves around inspiring true commitment through communication and guidance; a leader ought to be able to reach out to people by speaking genuinely from the heart (Pierce, 2003). As Scouller (2011) notes, even the best leaders are likely to miss something seeing as nobody is perfect. As for me, there are certain behaviors that I am likely to neglect. To begin with, it is important to note that some leaders may fall short of having the ability to command authority. Despite the fact that leadership may entail some form of empathy, it is very important for any kind of leader to command authority over the subjects (Parsons & Cohen, 2008). This is very essential in instilling structure and discipline and as such, the failure to do so may be a major setback to effective leadership. Gaining control over the team is the second thing that I am most likely to neglect given my choice of leadership philosophy. Gaining relative control over the team is quintessential to leadership since it allows a leader to manage the team effectively (Scouller, 2011). The absence of effective control leads to indiscipline and lawlessness, which is a major setback to leadership. Command is the third leadership trait that I am likely to neglect. Leadership may at times entail making commands so that subordinates are dedicated to accomplishing their tasks as opposed to being emphatic with team members, which may make team members slack behind. Many would agree to be successful some form of command would bring more results as opposed to empathy (Parsons & Cohen, 2008). The fourth behavior is unruliness on the part of the team members. Having empathy is likely to blindside me subsequently compromising my ability to create a compliant team. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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PERSONAL LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENTS Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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