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If the problems are particularly appealing, motivation becomes extremely necessary where one ought to have satisfactory results.
It is utilization determine…
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Week 9 - Application Assignment: Formative and Summative Assessments esol
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Formative and Summative Assessment al affiliation: Motivation Try to investigate whether carryingout formative and summative assessment motivates students to deliver better grades. If the problems are particularly appealing, motivation becomes extremely necessary where one ought to have satisfactory results.
Stating the Problem
It is especially necessary to state the problem one is solving. The scope of the problem I am handling and its importance.
The Approach Used
The method used should clearly reflect the purpose of the study.
The Results
This section answers the problems. Is the method applied helping students get better results? Assess whether, the formative and summative are beneficial to the students.
The conclusions will display possible implications of my answer. Are my approaches changing the students? What is the essence of the assessment? In general are my findings potentially and specific?
Formative and Summative Assessment
Formative Assessment
It is utilization determine whether students have learned everything taught by the teacher. This category helps tutors to identify the necessary materials needed for clarification. Also, identifies topics to be retaught and evaluating how to grade students.
The result of this assessment help teachers to know whether the studying activities or curriculum need modification during the next class room session or prepare before the next class meetings. The procedures utilized by the teachers are qualitative rather than focusing on the scores. It helps both teachers and students concentrate on performance content. It is a crucial icon for facilitating the development of individual learning and providing information of high quality to the students. (Ciganek & Afflerbach, 2009).It brings both the students and their tutors together to dialogue education matters. It also boosts self-esteem of the learners thereby opening opportunities of the desired performance. Teachers get information that help shape their teaching.
Summative Assessment
This is a cumulative assessment. Its utilization helps to meet the goals and objectives. Also, used to check the outcome of the learning activities of the students. In addition, it summarizes the progress of the learners within a given time. For example, a week, three weeks or a month after which students take an exam and the tutor mark the exam and awards the scores. The purpose of the exam is summarizing student ability and weaknesses up to that time. (Ciganek & Afflerbach, 2009).
Furthermore, it measure and determine credibility and performance of the teacher. It’s usually meant to meet the needs of the school. It also tests the accountability of teachers and gets rid of sub-standard and nonperforming staff by dismissing where necessary. It normally evaluates planning, preparation, Professionality, following of instructions and the atmosphere of the classroom.
Education can be assessed by measuring the knowledge and skills gained by an individual student, the community or institution or the whole system. It’s usually a way of documenting and measuring the knowhow and beliefs of the learners. (Ciganek & Afflerbach, 2009). Therefore, assessment can be said to be the process of progressive investigation of the learners.
In my next class, I would my students by preparing the following:
>designing the test items. This will depend on the expected outcomes by analyzing the situation of learning to make quality assessments.
>Determining the mode of stud: For example, concept memorizing, data analysis and synthesis of resources.
>Categorizing test items that are available and I should use them.
>Determine the tools that can be used to test available designs
The objectives of learning are to help the students master the skills of language e.g. spelling, correcting grammar mistakes, and writing skills. They also learn to memorize words and basic arithmetic operations e.g. multiple table, addition, division and subtraction. The following activities will aid me in achieving these objectives.
>Ask the students random questions, this will help identify those who can not answer and solve their weakness.
>Grouping students help those who do not understand gain from those who already understand the topic of study.
>The students will also cite various multiplication tables and perform basic arithmetic operations.
>There will be also a contest of answering questions and award scores and presents.
I will finally, evaluate each student by rating them according to their abilities and performance. This is very crucial as I’ll be able the strengths and weaknesses of student.
The instruments I’ll use to monitor my students are the take away tests and on-line exams. By giving out these exams, they ensure students commit to their work. The tests will help the students to do their studies at home. Besides, my students will be able to read ahead. This will guide them in understanding difficult concepts. In addition, it seriously simplifies work making me to more efficient.
In conclusion, both the formative and summative assessment is highly essential in monitoring the progress and performance of students. They should, therefore, be used harmoniously to achieve high educational standards.
Ciganek, L., & Afflerbach, P. P. (2009). Understanding and using reading assessment, K-12. Newark, Del.: International Reading Association. Read More
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