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Using formative assessments as an educational leader - Assignment Example

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Education leaders are in a dilemma of measuring progress made by their students as well as choosing the best way to respond to the needs of their students. Tests and…
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Using formative assessments as an educational leader
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"Using formative assessments as an educational leader"

Download file to see previous pages For success, students need to understand the goal of learning and the criteria for arriving at this goal. To ensure students understand who they are, the teacher could choose to use student work or classroom tests (Tuttle 2009).
Observations test a students’ ability to learn and understand. It involves more than just a stroll in the classroom when students are undertaking a problem. It comes in hand in assisting teachers gather and record evidence to be used as evidence of student learning which is used as a tool for instructional planning.
Questioning strategies when embedded in a lesson planning provides the teacher with significant insight into the degree of understanding of a student. Such questions are useful ion engaging students in classroom dialogue that expand their learning.
According to Tuttle (2009), self and peer assessment creates a learning community in class. Student keep track of important information to help them in understanding important concepts learned in class. This does not only engage students but helps them know where they started gauge their progress in the learning process. Formative assessment thus provides information needed teaching and learning while it is actually in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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