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It has been suggested (e.g. Hyde 2005) that too much emphasis is placed on differences between the genders. Discuss the reasons for such emphasis - Essay Example

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Many approaches in psychology argue that gender differences are not only biological, but also psychological. Gender refers to the social and psychological component and psychological…
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It has been suggested (e.g. Hyde 2005) that too much emphasis is placed on differences between the genders. Discuss the reasons for such emphasis
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Extract of sample "It has been suggested (e.g. Hyde 2005) that too much emphasis is placed on differences between the genders. Discuss the reasons for such emphasis"

Download file to see previous pages According to the social role model approach, the gender differences emanate from the early exposure to sex role socialization whereby the dominant culture defines the appropriate ways of thinking and behaviour for males and females. The females are socialised to more cautious and nurturing in their roles unlike males who are socialised to be more aggressive in their pursuits (Chrisler and McCreary 2010).
According to the gender similarities hypothesis by Hyde (2005), males and females depict similarities on most, but not all psychological variables such as the gender difference on attitudes about sex in uncommitted relationships. According to Hyde, the sexual selection produces largest gender differences between males and females on acts such as intrasexual competition and strategies for selecting and attracting mates. Male jealousy is more linked with sexual infidelity unlike women jealousy that is more linked with emotional infidelity (Mendes 2007).
Another contributing reason is the differences in preference for aggression since males are more likely to use violence in order to attain resources and status than their female counterparts. Lightdale and Prentice (1994) reviewed gender differences in aggression in playing video games and found that aggressiveness of males aimed at facilitating the acquisition of status. The gender differences can be attributed to the peer interactions in school due to differential gender socialisation that creates emotional and cognitive differences. For instance, the boys and girls are assigned different play activities and usually have different customs. Girls usually tend to be more verbal and cooperative in their play unlike boys who engage in more competitive and physical games in their play activities (Halpern 2000).
As a consequence of the social structure and roles, the society is organized in a predictable and consistent manner that allows us predict our behaviour in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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