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The Differences in Modes of Gender Communication - Essay Example

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This paper "The Differences in Modes of Gender Communication" discusses the communication style of a man and a woman that differ significantly because of the inherent natural differences in perception of things and events that occur in our daily life…
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The Differences in Modes of Gender Communication
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Extract of sample "The Differences in Modes of Gender Communication"

Download file to see previous pages The behaviour, language, physical appearance and the way of dressing is but few of the things that are important indicators of identifying our gender to others without actual verbal confirmation. The most amazing fact of the present time is that despite having a unisex code of dressing, made popular through evolving fashion statements that have gone beyond the rigid scope of gender differentiation, their gender is clearly discernable through the inherent traits that they display. It, therefore, becomes important for social scientists to study the factors that discriminate the genders in our daily life.

Apart from the obvious physical differences, the various human attributes and behavioural pattern play a vital role in distinguishing a man from a woman. Way of Communication is perhaps, the most visible and highly effective mode of differentiating the two genders. The vast scope of communication, in terms of behavioural pattern, language used and non-verbal means of contact, not only make it an interesting study but these factors are extremely relevant for the social scientists to decipher the socio-psychological differences between the genders with respect to their communication pattern. We would, therefore, be taking up this aspect of differentiation and studying in-depth of the various differences in communication of the genders.
For that reason, it is argued that women pay more attention than men to the underlying meanings about intimacy that messages imply. Men on the other hand, to a greater extent than women, are more sensitive to ‘between the meanings of the lines’ about status. For men, societal expectations are that they must negotiate hierarchy, or who's the captain and who's the crew”(Tannen, 1990; Wood, 2001). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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